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These Tips To Stop Mindlessly Eating Will Save Your Bikini Body

Summer is just around the corner!
These Tips To Stop Mindlessly Eating Will Save Your Bikini Body

When you hear the word bikini body, do you roll your eyes? Because same. Even though it's a harmless term meaning putting your body into a bikini, a ton of women try to get a bikini body by the time summer rolls around. While it's a lot of work and a lot of discipline, your goal should really be to be healthy all year round. However, since the term bikini body is so popular these days, it's good to research the way you can obtain one in the healthiest way possible. 

Getting ready for summer can be hard and a lot of work. While some people like to welcome summer with endless patio days, others like to welcome summer by cutting calories, spending a ton of time at the gym, and getting ready for that bikini. I'm here to tell you that balancing both of those is the success to a great summer.

One thing that really gets me is snacking. I work out 4-5 times a week, eat a balanced and sort of strict diet but when it comes to snacking, let's just say I'm pretty serious about it. While of course snacking is fine if you're actually hungry between meals, but if you just find yourself reaching for a bag of chips because you're bored, stress eating a chocolate bar, or munching on ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal, then these tips will save your 'bikini body'. 

I recently came across a YouTube video of Georgie Stevenson, who is a fitness and lifestyle vlogger, and she was talking about mindless eating. Even if you're someone that just eats a couple of chips here and there, a few strawberries, a handful of nuts, even when you're not hungry, that is mindless eating. Mindless eating means you're not hungry, you have no purpose to eating this food, but you still eat it anyways. In this YouTube video Georgie posted, she gave some great advice on how to stop doing that so that you'll ultimately lose weight, get lean, and have the summer bod of your dreams. 

Tip #1: Drink 2 glasses of water before each meal 

This may seem excessive if you're absolutely starving, but have you ever still been so hungry after eating? It's super confusing, but that means that you're actual thirsty instead of hungry. She said she kept getting super hungry, and she started doing this trick that her mom taught her, and it helped so much. The water expands your stomach, and a lot of the time if you're hungry for no reason, you're most likely thirsty! 

Tip #2: Eat protein and fats with every meal

Protein is super important to make you fuller for long, and pairing that with fats, which ultimately do the same, will help you stop craving so many random things throughout the day. Healthy fats keep your blood sugar levels stable, which means your cravings won't be off the charts. Of course your body needs carbs, but if you're trying to really slim down, healthy fats and protein are your go-to's. I found myself getting super hungry after dinner and adding avocado into my dinners really helped!

Tip #3: Set realistic, positive goals for yourself

So your goal is to get a bikini body. Why? Is it so you can look cute on Instagram in a bikini? Is it so you can be healthier? Is it so people will be jealous of you? Realistically, if your goals aren't coming from a good place, then you won't stick with them. Georgie admits to writing her goals in her phone and looking at them every single morning to remind herself why she's doing it and it's such good advice. Sometimes we get caught up in just doing it instead of asking ourselves why we want to. Of course everyone wants to look good in a bathing suit, but if you're trying a new workout program or a new meal plan, remember why you're doing it before you reach for the sugar and let go of all your progress. 

These three tips are simple, but super crucial if you want to succeed at having a 'bikini body'. Even though I don't agree with that term, it's thrown around so much these days that it basically just means feeling your best in a bikini. And I'm sure we all want to feel confident during the summertime! You can watch Georgie's full video below, and she has a ton of other videos that are very helpful and fun to watch. 

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