These Canadian Students Just Won $50,000 For Developing A Genius Device

Their groundbreaking research is getting noticed worldwide!
These Canadian Students Just Won $50,000 For Developing A Genius Device

Four students from Hamilton's McMaster University just won $50,000 in an international competition featuring inventions by students from across the world.

And their winning prize is a revolutionary advancement in cancer research. The four electrical biomedical engineering grads developed a genius device called the sKan, which they say can diagnose skin cancer by monitoring the heat emissions of various cells.

According to the students, the sKan creates a heat map that shows which cells recover more quickly from thermal shock, which is a known indication of cancer cells. 

And the four creators - Rotimi Fadiya, Prateek Mathur, Michael Takla and Shivad Bhavsar - are all 23 years old or younger! 

Their device won the International James Dyson Award, earning them $50,000, which they say they will use to refine their device and work toward clinical trials.

The benefactor of the award is James Dyson whose name you probably recognize because he's the infamous inventor who often graces the TV screen for commercials promoting his world-famous Dyson vacuums (and hairdryer). Dyson said he chose the Canadian students as the prize winners because their invention  has the "potential to save lives around the world.”

This new device is already getting worldwide recognition for its groundbreaking research, but these students aren't the first Canadians to win the esteemed award. 

Back in 2015, students from the University of Waterloo won the prize for their  Voltera V-One, a circuit board printer that can create boards in minutes. 

Source: The Star 

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