The New York Times Named These Two Canadian Destinations As The Best In The World

New York Times' "Top Places To Go In 2019" has ranked two Canadian locations as must see places!

We all know that Canada is beautiful inside and out, but sometimes it’s nice for a little reassurance. The New York Times' just released their top 52 Places to Go in 2019 and two Canadian locations have made it in the top 25! This beats last year's 2018 list when only one Canadian location was on the list!

This year, both the ice caves in Ontario and the city of Calgary made the top places to visit and they both truly showcase Canada’s beauty! The ice caves in Sault Ste. Marie landed #10 on the list, while Calgary emerged in the 20th spot, both locations appearing in the top 25 spots on the list.

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Last year’s 2018 Best Places To Go list only featured Saskatoon, which placed 18th on the list, which means 2019 has been an improvement! 

The New York Times highlights how great Canada is in their top ten, reviewing the ice caves in Ontario as “ephemeral”. They urge you to take in the icy caves while you still can since climate change may ruin this wonder in the future. These caves can reach a height of 20ft and are best viewed in the month of February. 

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Calgary makes #20 on this list and it’s thanks to the new Calgary Central Library. The Times states, “A spectacular new library adds to the once-neglected neighborhood,”.  The library features a hall, cafe and an amazing sculptor area outside.

Calgary is seen as a booming neighborhood full of architectural art and music and is definitely a must visit! Since the East Village has started to transform and rebuild is can be seen as a top tourist attraction. 

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Lake Superior is the place to go to see the best ice caves in Ontario. Along the shorelines of lake superior, especially near Sault Ste. Marie is the perfect place to head in order to explore these magical caves!

Puerto Rico ranked number one on the list, followed by Hampi, India and Santa Barbra, California. With the Ontario ice caves ranking #10 and Calgary ranking #20, Canadian stands proud as one of the best places to visit this year! 

Of course, we already knew how amazing our nation was, but it’s nice for the entire world to also be aware of the beauty that we hold.

Source: The New York Times