You may think that only millennials are cutthroat enough to do super shady things to get likes, comments and clicks, but no, according to two YouTubers, even Tyra Banks has done some shady stuff to keep herself relevant. Let's get started.

Two extremely popular American YouTubers revealed during a video that they both had ... unfortunate experiences with America's Next Top Model creator, Tyra Banks. Tana Mongeau did a collab video with her friend, James Charles, where they discussed scandals and answered their fan's questions. 

Via YouTube/@TanaMongeau

Tana Mongeau is a very controversial YouTuber. She's famous for her storytime videos and she's had multiple scandals herself. She's also well known for speaking the absolute truth and she doesn't care if it upsets people. Tana has 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

James Charles is a famous makeup guru on YouTube. He was also the first male CoverGirl spokesperson. He has 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube. James Charles was also in the news recently after he openly discussed an unfortunate experience he had with Ariana Grande

Via YouTube/@TanaMongeau

Back to the video. One fan asked, "What's the rudest celebrity you've ever met?" to which Tana explained that she had a bad experience with Tyra Banks. She explains that one time she ran into Tyra Banks and asked her for a picture. She goes on to say that Tyra thought Tana was "just a fan" and said no. When Tyra found out that Tana has millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, she said yes to taking the picture.

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According to Tana, Tyra told her to "come over here, hurry" to get the picture after she had already rejected her. Tana admits that she was a big fan of Tyra's so she posted the pictures online. She said that shortly after Tyra followed her on her social media accounts, but when Tana wasn't quick enough to follow her back, Tyra unfollowed all of Tana's accounts. Ouch, that's harsh. 

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James chimes in and tells Tana about his experience with Tyra. According to him, Tyra messaged him on Snapchat and asked James to tweet a link to vote for her for the Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards is an awards ceremony specifically honouring influencers in social media. 

We're really surprised to hear that Tyra Banks was allegedly this shady. The following and unfollowing situation? We can't believe that she would do that! This sounds really unbecoming of Tyra, especially she's considered TV royalty. It seems like she's just struggling to make it in today's millennial world.