These Two Main Characters Are Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'

These Two Main Characters Are Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'

As we all know, Grey's Anatomy seems to be the worst show to get addicted to. The reason? The creator, Shonda Rhimes, kills off characters like it's her job. Well, it is her job, but you get what I'm saying. While some of our most beloved characters have exited in terrible, traumatic, and let's just say unfair ways, apparently that isn't about to change.

Deadline reports today that Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins and Sarah Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner, are set to leave the show at the end of the 14th season. While Dr. Robbins made her appearance on the show in season 5, and Dr. Kepner made her first appearance in season 6, both have become fan favourites. This decision was reportedly made by the producers, and not by the two women. While we're not sure how they will exit the show, I'm sure they will not be killed off so they can make a return if need be.

Grey's Anatomy will be going into it's 15th season, and it's no shock that they would say bye to some of our favourite characters to say hello to new ones. In an exclusive statement, creator Shonda Rhimes stated how impactful their characters have been, since Arizona is a lesbian and April is a very devoted Christian. Her statement said:

“It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to any of my characters. Both Arizona Robbins and April Kepner are not only beloved but iconic — both the LBGTQ and devout Christian communities are underrepresented on TV. I will be forever grateful to both Jessica and Sarah for bringing these characters to life with such vibrant performance and for inspiring women around the globe. They will always be a part of our Shondaland family.”

Who will be next?! Alex Karev? Owen Hunt? Meredith Grey?! While we can all be anxious about future departures from the show, it's rare that Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey, would leave the show anytime soon. She is now the highest paid woman on primetime drama. But please, Shonda, leave our favourite characters alone!

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