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These 7 Netflix Original Shows Were So Bad Viewers Hope They're Cancelled In 2019

The 7 worst Netflix Original Shows of 2018.
These 7 Netflix Original Shows Were So Bad Viewers Hope They're Cancelled In 2019

In today's day and age, there's definitely never a shortage of television shows to watch. Most people don't even have cable television anymore - we all rely on streaming services like Netflix, Hayu, Hulu, and Amazon to provide us with content to pass the time.

Over the past few years, Netflix has become a content creating MACHINE. It seems as though every time you log on there's a new series available to watch, a new teaser trailer, or a new movie to check out. My list of things to watch seems to be never ending!

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Of course, the majority of the content that Netflix puts out is amazing and will have you spending your weekends locked indoors binge-watching. It wouldn't be right if with all these good series', we didn't have to sit through a couple duds though.

Here’s a list of some of the WORST original content Netflix put out in 2018. (Some viewers even hope they're cancelled next year!) Watch them, if you dare:


Although I never bothered to watch this show myself, I haven't heard a single good thing about it - which is exactly why I've placed it at the very top of my list. From what I can decipher, Insatiable is a show that makes light of fat-shaming and was done in an overall untasteful way. My roommate once tried to explain the plot to me - but left us both totally confused, and the trailer isn't much better. Insatiable was easily one of the most problematic shows of 2018 - a petition for Netflix to remove it even went viral earlier in the year.

Marvel's Iron Fist

Seeing as it released its second season earlier this year, you'd think that Iron Fist would be highly rated among critics. However, it seems that the opposite is true. Netflix has had quite some success with other Marvel shows, including Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. When compared to it's Marvel partners though, Iron Fist falls short. People have said that the show is "bland", and that it still has many improvements to make if it wants to meet modern-day Marvel standards.


@disjointednetflixembedded via

The first time I ever checked out this show, I was definitely feeling pretty "disjointed" myself - because of this, I thought it was entertaining and funny. The next time I watched it, I was sober and definitely much less impressed. I'm almost certain the show was designed to be watched while high, keeping stoner humour in mind - so if you're not one to engage in recreational cannabis use, be sure to skip over Disjointed during your next Netflix search.

Sick Note

While some people definitely have a questionable sense of humor, Sick Note takes things to a new level of seriously f*cked up. The show definitely features some major talent, including Lindsay Lohan and Rupert Grint, but the premise of the whole entire thing is faking having cancer so that the people in your life are more inclined to take pity on you and stick around. Yikes - talk about a victim complex. If you've got no morals, you may find the show funny, but otherwise, it'll probably just make you roll your eyes. 

13 Reasons Why

Earlier this year, Netflix dropped Season Two of the infamous 13 Reasons Why. Not only was this totally unnecessary, but it was also done in such an untasteful mannerI totally understand the importance of shedding light on things like mental health, suicide, school shootings, etc. because these are all very real things that happen in the world around us every day - but there is a fine line between shedding light and glorifying, and with 13 Reasons Why, Netflix passed that line. The show has been renewed for a third season, so we'll have to wait and see what kind of drama comes along with it.

Santa Clarita Diet

@santaclaritadietembedded via

When you hear the name 'Drew Barrymore', you expect big things. When I first heard the premise of Santa Clarita Diet, I was really expecting to be impressed! A suburban couple who tries to survive while the wife turns into a zombie and eats humans? Sounds like it should be entertaining and totally binge-worthy, right? Wrong. The show is honestly pretty boring, and the humour just doesn't land. Many people were surprised that a second season was released earlier on in the year.

Fuller House

When Netflix announced a few years ago that they were bringing back Full House, audiences were ECSTATIC. It's a show that so many people grew up watching and fell in love with, and now they get to share that with their own families and kids. While Fuller House is still cranking out new episodes, it's safe to say that audiences are no longer as impressed as they initially were. The show was created for fans of its predecessor, so it's hard for new fans to fully understand the characters and plot, if they haven't seen the original - turning some people off of it for good.

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