While I'm not sure what amount of the population actually watches the Golden GlobesI can confidently say that we were all scrolling on Instagram trying to get updates last night. It seems as though with every single awards show, there's a movie we're all never heard of, one huge movie that gets snubbed, and a bunch of random people in a room who probably all don't like each other. And their parents. 

The Golden Globes honours the best movies and TV shows that year, and the anticipation to see who is nominated for an award seems like an even bigger deal than who actually wins. We all knew Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would get nominated for every single award out there, but did they actually win?

From the red carpet to the stage, there were actually so many cringeworthy moments from the 76th Golden Globe Awards. And we're not just talking about peoples outfits here. Even Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance on stage with Idris Elba which sounds super random, but they're actually starring in the movie Cats together. Anyways. Are you ready for it?

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A Star Is Born Got Absolutely Snubbed

A Star Is Born, which was said to be the best and biggest movie of 2018 (and maybe ever), only won one award. And that award? It had nothing to do with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance, but about one of the songs. Shallow won Best Original Song, which means it really goes to the song writers. So, let's just say, the biggest snub of the night was to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and the awards show should have been cancelled and they should have just won every award.

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Chrissy Metz Was Heard Saying Something Super Mean

Chrissy Metz, who stars as Kate Pearson in This Is Us, didn't have a great night. While she looked stunning, on the red carpet after giving an interview, she was heard saying "She's such a bitch" about Alison Brie not realizing her mic was still on. While she denied it later on Twitter, and fans thought they heard her say "She's such a babe", I guess we'll never really know the truth.

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Every Monologue Possible 

Am I the only one who thinks awards shows should not have hosts? While Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg were a powerhouse together, I think it's time we call it quits on hosts and maybe just get robots or something to announce the winners. Every single monologue opens up with the celebrity hosts making fun or roasting other celebrities in the room. Do we still need to do that? But all in all, congrats to Sandra Oh on her award. She's always our person.

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The Worst Possible Marketing Ever

Okay Fiji, WE GET IT! Imagine getting your photo taken on the red carpet at the Golden Globes to realize you got photobombed by... a brand of water? What? Who is doing the marketing for Fiji? Not only does Fiji Girl not look happy to be there (maybe she's dehydrated I don't know), it was so awkward to see her stand there and not even give out any waters. You think Lady Gaga or Emma Stone are going to grab water from this girl in the middle of the red carpet?

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Worst Dressed?

While I love a woman wearing a pant suit, this one looks like she may have been hired as help on the red carpet. The pants are too baggy, and the bow tie is bigger than her head probably. I think Judy Greer may have missed the mark on this one, even though she still does look great. The pant suit just looks like it's not fitted well and maybe one size too big. But do you sis.