Things Got Really Messy At Ontario University Homecomings This Past Weekend

This might've been the most out of control homecoming weekend yet.

Another September, another homecoming season in the books for Ontario universities. As always, universities such as Western, Laurier and Guelph didn't come to play around and went all in to funnel beer all day show some school spirit. Thankfully, the results of that kind of activity always come with some hilarious content we can all watch. 

Via Western Gazette

As usual, Western kept it classy during their second annual #FOCO. If you don't know what FOCO is, long story short, the school tried to shut down their homecoming because it was too rowdy - in response, students made a fake homecoming that's 10 times worse. 

What makes this sign a little less eye-roll-inducing and more humorous is that, when the owners of the house were asked to take the sign down, a student decided he'd rather wear it instead. Judging by the tweet below, the cops actually let him: 

Man is now wearing the "ANAL?" sign. #foco (they got to keep it)

September 29, 2018

Then there's what we can only describe as the greatest escape we've ever witnessed and before you ask, yes, it's yet another Western student: 

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From what we can tell, a student was trying to enter the Lil Uzi concert that was going on the same day of FOCO. While we don't know if he really was able to get in there and lose all of the guards on his tail, it sure looks like the first line of defence is getting fired. 

Of course, we can't forget Laurier. While the school is more known for their St. Patrick's Day festivities, the Waterloo university went harder than ever this year and didn't limit their antics to Ezra Street: 

Emergency crews had to be called in to rescue these individuals who decided to hang off the top of a highrise building at the corner of Ezra Avenue and King Street in Waterloo. Drain on resources and extreme safety concern. Be smart. Show respect. Stay safe.

September 29, 2018

Then, there was an oddly hilarious and wholesome video of a Laurier student just looking to get the party starting - boombox and 3-wheel tier unicycle included: 

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Not only was the guy riding a version of a unicycle we never knew existed while holding a boombox, but he goes as far as to take a beer another student offers him and drink it - while still riding the unicycle

Unfortunately, if you thought the worst thing that would come out of Laurier's homecoming would be some kids sitting on top of a residence building and an oddly skilled unicyclist, you're very wrong. As usual, it wouldn't be homecoming unless at least one university decided to hang a bed sheet sign that went too far. This year's culprit is Laurier: 

Via CTV News

The sign was found on one of the houses lining Ezra street and, while we can't confirm if it was made by guys who likely can't ask a girl out unless they tweet anonymously to Laurier's Spotted Twitter account, let's be real, it's usually those guys who pull stuff like this. 

Guelph and McMaster's respective homecomings happened a week ago, but it didn't feel right not to include this grade A footage of the universities' star Gryphons and Marauders:

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