You Can Find A Hidden 400-Foot Tall Waterfall While Hiking This Alabama Cave

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Things To Do In Alabama Include Finding Huge Hidden Waterfall At Tumbling Rock Preserve

Curiosity drives humans to incredible sites, and cave exploration is probably one of the wilder ones. Some may describe the experience of crawling through a deep, underground cavern eerie while others find it thrilling, but one thing that’s for sure is that some awesome views await those brave enough to make the descent. If you're looking for things to do in Alabama , you’ll find no shortage of breathtaking views exploring the natural wonders of Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve — from fathomless caverns to hidden 400-foot waterfalls.

Tumbling Rock offers the fearless explorer over six miles of passages to wander that are accessible to both beginner and seasoned cavers. This cave system is owned and managed by Southeastern Cave Conservancy Inc., so you will need a permit to enter its depths.

The main path is accompanied by a stream, leading you to multiple intersecting passageways and other rocky rooms.

As you descend into the deepest parts of the cavern, you’ll find towering stalactites and stalagmites that you’ll immediately recognize by their telltale names like The Elephants Feet and The Christmas Tree.

The Christmas Tree formation really does look like a stone version of the familiar pines and spruces of the holiday as they actually wrap it in lights .

Arguably the piece de resistance, however, is Topless Dome : a cascading 400-foot tall waterfall that is definitely worth the trek. Falling from the ceiling of the cave, you can climb right up to it and even cool off beneath its waters.

You can get to Topless Dome via the King's Shower pathway. Rays of light will also shine down into the cave at different spots, creating a stunning halo effect that feels like you could ascend to the heavens.

During the Civil War, Tumbling Rock was mined for saltpeter , a key ingredient of gunpowder.

To this day, you can still find remains of the mining operations within the cave, including large vats and signatures by soldiers on the walls.

Stay safe by always go caving with a buddy and respect Mother Nature by leaving no trace when you’re done admiring the views!

Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve

Address: 3407 Co Rd 111, Fackler, AL

Why You Need To Go: Explore an ancient underground world and even find some hidden natural treasures! You'll need a permit to descend into its rocky depths.

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