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You Can Slide Like An Olympic Athlete Down This Massive Ice Luge In Michigan (VIDEOS)

Get ready for your best thrill ride of the winter. It's one of only 4 winter luge tracks in the whole country!
Things To Do In Michigan Include Huge Alpine Winter Luge At Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

If you're stuck inside during the cold weather this season looking for things to do in Michigan, then this is a must-visit spot. On the west side of the state, there's a park that has pretty much every winter sport you could ever want to try — including a pretty rare one. There's a huge luge track that anyone can try out!

The Muskegon Winter Sports Complex is one of the most unique places to get outside during the cold months in the whole state.

It has an ice skating trail, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, and a sweet spot to warm up around a fire pit after a long day of play. But what really steals the show is their winter luge track.

It's only one of only four luge tracks in the entire country & was designed by a three-time Olympic luge athlete who created it to cater towards beginner lugers.

This track isn't quite as long as an Olympic track, coming in at 850 ft long, but it's for a good reason. They want riders to be as safe as possible and that included building it a bit shorter.

There are several different options to try out the luge depending on what you want your experience to be like.

Sessions are starting this year on December 27 & will be held on every Saturday and Sunday in the winter.

You can sign up for a two and a half-hour session that includes info about safety & training using the equipment and the luge. Plus, plenty of time to slip and slide.

Zooming 30 miles per hour down the track sounds exhilarating, and we're ready to throw on our snowsuits!

Your coat can scrape the walls a little bit as you try to steer yourself on your down-hill adventure; previous visitors suggest wearing an old coat & bringing your own helmet and elbow pads for the best experience — although the park does provide you with safety gear & an equipment briefing.

A session will cost either $49 or $55 depending on whether you're signing up during peak times. You can reserve your spot in advance online.

Starting January 7, the track will also be hosting a race night on Tuesdays where lugers of any skill level can compete. It starts at 6 p.m. and costs $15 to participate.

They also have an "afterglow" party at a local tavern some of the nights so you can meet other people passionate about this high-adrenaline (and insanely fun) sport. 

An overview of the winter luge at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex can be found below.

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Winter Luge at Muskegon Winter Sports Complex 

Price: $15, $49, or $55 depending on your package.

When: Weekend sessions begin on December 27

Address: 462 Scenic Dr., N. Muskegon, MI 49445

Why You Need To Go: It's a fun way to get outside during the winter and try a unique sport — high adrenaline, downhill zooming on an ice luge track designed by an Olympic athlete! Other fun winter sports activities are also available.

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