Whether you were the one with the Nerf guns when you were younger, or your friend always has the newest one, you've come in contact with one at least once in your life. It's all fun and games until you have to pick up all the bullets with welts on your body. One of the most fun things to do in North Carolina is testing out your Nerf ability at this huge arena.

Crossfire Paintball and Nerf in Wilmington is the ultimate adult playground to get out of the heat or to go on a rainy day. The astroturf field makes it easy to run and there are many obstacles you can hide behind.

This is the state's first and only Nerf arena and it's great for bachelor/bachelorette parties, 21st birthday parties and just a great weekend day out.

You and seven friends can rent out the arena for an hour and you'll have access to the party room as well to cool down after. 

This place provides everything that you would ever need. You can pick your weapon and load it up with unlimited bullets.

If you happen to have your own Nerf guns lying around the house, you're more than welcome to bring them and use them to your advantage. 

One hour of play with eight players is $134.99, which averages about $17 a person. If you have a few extra players, you can add them on for only $14.99 each.

There's also paintball, so if you're feeling adventurous (and daring), you can add this onto your day for $169.00 for eight players. 

Crossfire is open every day of the week, but must make a reservation if you decide to visit during a week day. 

Crossfire Paintball & Nerf 

Price: $134.99

Address: 1413 Castle Hayne Rd., Wilmington, NC 

Why You Need To Go: You can be a kid again in this nerf arena and battle it out with your friends.