A colorful art tour in North Carolina's brightest, most standout graffiti neighborhoods is an activity you can do by yourself. When you're out of options of things to do in North Carolina, just grab your phone and hit the streets for the day. Don't worry, your friends will hear about it later on Instagram. 

Asheville and Greensboro are both making a splash in the North Carolina street art scene. 

They both ramped out graffiti projects to create new art cultures in the Southeast. 

But with over 150 works of public art to check out in Greensboro, the city is upping the stakes. 

The Kotis Street Art group in Greensboro made it easier to track down the murals through the city with an interactive map that pings specific locations.

Most of Greensboro's murals are portraits of famous actors and musicians. You'll recognize some of the faces popping up around the city's corners including a homage to late rapper Mac Miller.

There's also Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed as The Great Gatsby's character Jay Gatsby. The artist JEKS is responsible for a lot of the portraits.

A trip to Greensboro will not disappoint because most of the art is so realistic that your Instagram will blow up from the impact. 

There is a 30-foot Wonder Woman painting near Midtown that has super hero fans's stamp of approval.

Marty Kotis from the Kotis Street Art group commissioned three international artists to complete the artwork on the side of Red Cinemas. 

Art In North Carolina Graffiti Is Mind-Blowing & Instagrammable

Local celebrities are included in the mural lineup as well. North Carolina native Ken Jeong from The Hangover movies got his own tribute. 

Your friends will wonder if you're in Los Angeles from the astounding quality of your photos. 

Greensboro is North Carolina's unsung hero for artsy solo walks. You might even say the graffiti is so original it's off the wall. 

Greensboro Graffiti Walk

Price: Free

Address: See map 

Why You Need To Go: Make your friends jealous and have a story to tell about seeing celebrities in graffiti form.