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Things To Do In North Carolina Include This Mug-Covered House

From mountains with beautiful skylines to beaches with a plethora of pretty seashells, North Carolina has plenty of diverse natural beauty to explore. However, The Tar Heel State also has some spunky hidden flair throughout the land. Visiting this fascinating cup-covered home just might make the list for strangest things to do in North Carolina.

The Collettsville Cup House (AKA The Mug House) sits on the riverside in the city where it got its name. This rural northern town in NC is known for an eye-catching oddity that's fully covered in over 20,000 mugs hung from nails. From afar, it might look like the entire house is made of porcelain.

The two owners, Avery and Doris Sisk, began adding to this full-fledged piece of art over 15 years ago. It all started with a handful of coffee mugs that they decided would look nice as home decor. They began adding more as time went on and the rest is history.

If you want to see this not-so-average cabin in the woods for yourself, you'll take a ride to the countryside (about 88 miles from Charlotte), venture down the dirt roads and hopefully catch the owners outside on their porch.

According to Atlas Obscura, the kind couple typically invites guests in to take a look at additional quirky collections including dolls and police memorabilila.

Either way, you are welcome to explore the property from the outside.

They even encourage others to add their own mugs to the eccentric attraction, so bring one from home to make your mark and be a part of this oddity (they also have a guest book you can sign).

Since it's right by Johns River, you can turn your trek into an adventurous day trip with hiking, kayaking and even whitewater rafting.

Collettsville Cup House

Price: Free

Address: 2085-2199 Old Johns River Rd., Collettsville, NC

Why You Need To Go: Discover (and even add to) at one of many artsy rarities in North Carolina

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