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You Can Now Slip, Slide, & Drive Bumper Cars On Ice At This Spot In Michigan

We're gearing up to race around & bump our pals! It's one of only 17 in the entire U.S!
Things To Do In The Winter In Michigan Include Bumping Your Friends In Bumpers Cars On Ice

Even though living in the north is chilly, there are still plenty of ways to keep warm & have fun with things to do in the winter in Michigan. Even if stepping out onto the ice sounds like the last thing you want to do, these ice bumper cars might change your mind. 

This is one of 17 locations in the U.S. & there's a reason why they're so popular. You're getting active without too much stress & you can go for some hot toddies or boozy hot chocolates afterward.

The bumper cars are modified carnival cars that are made to perfectly slip and slide around the ice rink. They're flashy and colorful and could definitely brighten up a dreary winter day. 

There are Christmas and winter-themed props floating around the rink as well that are perfect for that candid photo on Instagram. 

The bumper cars look like rainbow doughnuts that you can take a seat in and are easy to drive around with their stick controllers.

You can book a fifteen-minute session in the cars online. The next available dates are December 26 & 27 and January 2 & 3. It costs $10 for a 12-minute ride or $15 for the ride plus time to free skate afterward.

Make sure to get there five minutes before your reservation time so that you can have a little chat with the staff about safety and don’t miss your time slot to ride around.

Riders must wear flat, closed-toe shoes and even though a hat and gloves aren't required by the rink, it might be a good idea so that your hands don't freeze!

The rink is about an hour west of Kalamazoo and is the perfect way to escape the city for a day and come home with a fun story. 

If you're looking for other winter activities in the state, check out this massive down-hill ice luge in Muskegon or this reindeer farm that will make you feel like you're visiting the North Pole.

Bumper Cars on Ice at Garden Ice Arena 

Price: $10 for 12 minutes or $15 to bump, then free skate after.

When: December 26 & 27, 2019, January 2 & 3, 2020; make sure to book your session in advance!

Address: ​1626 W. Glenlord Rd., St. Joseph, MI 49085

Why You Need To Go: It's a unique way to spend an exhilarating day with friends!

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