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You Can Have A Snowy Bonfire On The Side Of The Mountains Near Washington

You can snowshoe to this spot! ☃️
Things To Do In Washington This Winter Should Include This Bonfire Snowshoe Tour

Sure, we've gone chasing views of the Milky Way and skied under the stars. But how many of us can actually say we've had a bonfire on the snow? Amongst several things to do in Washington this winter, we've found an off-beat experience of a lifetime. You can be a part of a bonfire snowshoe tour, and it's only a road trip away from the Evergreen State! 

Located in Bend, Oregon, Wanderlust Tours offers bonfire snowshoe excursions in the winter, usually between November and February with time slots at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. 

For $100 per person, a lively guide will outfit you with complimentary gear like shoes and headlamps and lead you through fir-filled forests with views of the Cascade Mountains. You'll hike up to an amphitheater hand-carved into the snow!  

They also have special events to ring in the New Year or for a snuggly Valentine's Day. 

Sure, it'll be freezing, but chances are that you won't be complaining because you'll be welcomed with steaming cups of free hot cocoa. You can even have yours spikedwith a cheeky dash of hazelnut espresso vodka.

Oh, and they come with a side of warm cookies and spectacular night views too. Bundle up and prepare for a spectacular evening under the stars.

It'll only get better as you snuggle up to your boo and make some memories while looking up at the skies dotted with star-filled constellations. Only the sounds of a crackling fire, and a scurrying fox for company.

You'll also get wiser on this wintery night as your local guide will tell you fascinating information about everything from the region's mountains to the skies. 

You can't bring along your pooch to keep you warm, but it's recommended that you bring your snuggest jacket, gloves, hats, snow pants, and those boots you scored on Black Friday. 

Don't fret if you don't have any of these items, you can just rent them for $5 for waterproof jackets and $10 for snowshoes and pants at the office where the tours begin.

What would we do after this tour? Stay the night and go whale-watching for free along Oregon's coasts the next day. Either way, the Pacific Northwest is the place to be if you love to call nature your playground. 

Bonfire Snowshoe Tour

Price: $100 per person

Address: Starts from Fred Meyer Shopping Complex, 61535 S. Hwy 97 Ste. 13 Bend, Oregon 

Why You Need To Go: You can snowshoe to a bonfire party in one of Pacific Northwest's magical mountains. 

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