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Things To Do Near North Carolina Include Taking A Solo Trip To This Hidden Monastery

North Carolina is the state that keeps on giving. A small town on the Carolinas border is a glimmering Buddhist haven for tranquility. When you see this Buddhist monastery, you'll get why it's a secret thing to do near North Carolina. No one knows about it and now you're in the club.

Mindfulness is a mental activity you can incorporate into the daily grind by journaling gratitudes and tapping into meditation

You can also take a day to admire the 22-acre grounds of the Vien Quang Buddhist Monastery in Clover, South Carolina. 

It's open exclusively on the weekends which is wonderful for a pitstop on your way to the Blue Ridge Mountains

One visitor raved about their trip for it being the most spiritual experience ever

If you're a practicing Buddhist (or are interested in learning for personal growth), the Vietnamese-style temple is an oasis of spirituality.

Curious wanderlusts can pay respect to the many stone Buddhas dotted along the property.

There is no charge to wander around the forest labyrinth, however it is required that all visitors respect the sacred space and remain silent throughout your time there. 

The Buddhist Monastery is well known for its lotus pond, shaded trails and statues. 

Although the plaques are in Vietnamese, you still get a sense of the wonder and power each figure stands for. 

There are a lot of steps so some of the visitors recommend bringing a bottle of water to stay hydrated. 

Since the monastery is closed during the winter, you can expect the Carolina warm season to be humid and sticky. 

It's not uncommon for the monastery to be totally isolated. You may feel like you're the only person in the world as you float around the beautiful gardens.

Not only is this relaxing, but it promotes the social distance most people are practicing right now. 

Take a load off your mind and remind yourself: everything is going to be okay. 

Vien Quang Buddhist Monastery 

Price: Free

Address: 1032 Galway Ln., Clover, SC

Why You Need To Go: The peaceful Buddhist vibes are a reminder of why you should destress.