Who's up for an unusual road trip? Alberta may be known for its splendid natural scenery but don't discount its wild small-town wonders. These roadside attractions in Alberta are so peculiar that you'll be scratching your head and asking, "why?" 

The province continues to really outdo itself when it comes to these bizarre man-made structures.

Largest beaver statue in the world? Check. The biggest fishing lure in the world? Uh-huh. A gargantuan cowboy boot in the middle of Edmonton? We've got it all. 

Therefore, it's high time you go on a road trip across the province and check out at least some of these weird landmarks. 

It would also be fun to stand next to these humongous statues and compare heights.

There's something about a humongous dragonfly statue that you'll only be able to appreciate in real life. 

You might actually leave the area feeling a little charmed that someone's gone through so much effort in order to create such an oddity. 

Plus, exploring the Hallmark-Esque small towns in Alberta is never a bad idea. The food, the views, the cute shops — it'll be an adventure through and through. 

So don't let a second go to waste and begin to embrace Alberta's weirdness in full force. 

World's Largest Beaver

Address:  506 5 Ave., Beaverlodge, AB

Why You Need To Go: No adventure through northwest Alberta is complete without an impromptu trip to this massive beaver statue in a town aptly called "Beaverlodge." 

World's Largest Mallard Duck

Address: Andrew, AB 

Why You Need To Go: The village of Andrew should be the number one destination if you've ever wondered where the biggest mallard duck in the world is located. Even if you haven't asked yourself that essential question, you should give this a trip a go. 

World's Largest Fishing Lure

Address: Len Thompson Dr., Lacombe, AB T4L

Why You Need To Go: It's safe to say that this unconventional lure is positively baiting you to come and see what it's all about. So do yourself a favour and discover this fin-tastic wonder. 

Giant Corn Stalk

Address: 4712 50 St., Taber, AB

Why You Need To Go: Corn-lovers should venture out to see this massive corn stalk for themselves. This 36-foot structure is supposed to be a homage to the quality, taste, and the success of the Taber corn in Western Canada. 

Suzie The World's Largest Softball

Address: 3 Ave. and Main St., Chauvin, AB

Why You Need To Go: This little village is home to the world's largest softball sculpture and it's even got a name. The eyes, the eyelashes, and the red lipstick-coated lips on the softball make this one creepy entity if you ask us. 

Largest Dragonfly In Canada

Address: 56 56 Ave., Wabamun, AB

Why You Need To Go: This town is so obsessed with dragonflies that they have a Dragonfly Festival every summer. What's not to love about that?

World's Largest Cowboy Boot

Address: 10007 167 St., N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Don't worry about taking a road trip for this attraction because it's standing in the middle of Edmonton itself. The boot was put up in honour of the boot factory next door. It even lights up, so you can get the hoedown started whenever you want. 

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