I love nordic spas and relaxing in hot mineral waters, but some of the admission prices at those places are crazy! Imagine soaking luxuriously in glacial blue pools of steaming water surrounded by the forest for less than $20. These BC hot pools are worth checking out the next time you're on a road trip! 

Crazy Creek Resort is almost half-way between Vancouver and Calgary near Revelstoke in BC. It's a hidden gem for anyone travelling through the two provinces on a budget! Not only do they have these incredible hot pools, but they also have accomodations and even campgrounds.


There's more than just these glacial blue hot pools at the resort. You can explore the nearby trails and a suspension bridge that gives you an insane view of the waterfalls above Crazy Creek. If you're planning a trip from Vancouver to Calgary, this spot has to be on your radar!

There are both hot and cool pools here for swimming and soaking, no matter your style. You can soak in geo-thermally heated, mineral-rich water and there's no funky sulphur odour. There are four different pools and facilities like bathrooms and showers right on site that make it a more luxurious experience than finding a hot spring out in the wild.

The resort is open year-round so you can warm up in the hot pools when the snow is on the ground or when it's in the middle of summer. It's about a 6-hour drive from Vancouver to the resort and 5-hours from Calgary.

Crazy Creek Resort Hot Pools

Price: $19.50 for an all-day pass

Address: 6162 Trans-Canada Hwy, Malakwa, BC V0E 2J0

Why you need to go: 


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