Now that it's almost summer and the days are getting longer, we know you're looking for fresh ideas for date night! It just won't do to get takeout and watch a movie at home anymore. Not even a regular restaurant will do in the summer when we're so full of energy and renewed enthusiasm for life.

Whether you're looking for an out-of-the-box fresh idea or you want to refresh yourself on the classic Vancouver summer date nights around the city, this list will have you covered. Foodies, fun-seekers and sun-seekers will definitely spot a few date ideas that they're going to want to do this summer.

Here are the most romantic date ideas you can go on this summer with your s/o in Vancouver:

Go On A Magical Night Hike Through The Forest

The magical experience Vallea Lumina makes for an unforgettable romantic date night. The forest is transformed into a multi-media wonderland only in the summer and you won't want to miss out on this opportunity. They're doing all the heavy lifting for you!

Head To The Richmond Night Market

They say that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. If that's true, then you have to take your s/o to this actual foodie heaven on earth. The Richmond Night Market is the largest of its kind in North America and it gets better every year. Treat your s/o to a summer night full of eats, and treats you'll be craving all summer long.

Get Sweet At Billy Button Dessert Bar

This newish dessert spot on Broadway is amazing. All of their inventive desserts are refreshing and unique. The "Orange" dessert will blow your s/o's mind! Insider tip: their homemade grape soda can't be missed.

Have A Parisian Breakfast Together

Few things are as romantic as a trip to Paris. If that's just a tad bit out of your budget, then the next best thing would be to treat them to a taste of Paris right here in Vancouver. Beaucoup's croissants might be the best in the city. Bring your s/o here or surprise them with a freshly baked breakfast in bed and win the title of best s/o ever!

Catch A Movie At The Drive-In

If cuddling up and getting cosy under the stars sounds like your dream date, then you have to take your s/o to the drive in this summer. You can catch a summer blockbuster from the comfort of your car and soak up all the romantic nostalgia that the drive-in offers.

Get Cozy At A Hidden Patio

Summer means it's patio season and what's more romantic than happy hour al fresco? Grab your s/o and give them this list of hidden patios in Vancouverโ€”then take them to their patio of choice as a low-key summer date night!

Sweat Together, Stay Together At Club Row

There's a whole lot of ice cream being eaten in the summer, and if you and your s/o want to work off all the extra scoops you've been enjoying, then you should definitely work out together. One of the best co-ed fitness classes is at Club Row where you row on a machine in an actual club setting in a dark room with neon lights. Row to the beat of the pumping music and sweat together to stay together!

Fill Up At Disco Dumplings

Burdock and Co. is a chill, romantic restaurant in Vancouver. Visit them on a Monday night when the atmosphere is way more lively and the eats are more affordable! Disco Dumplings is a weekly party where you can fill up on delicious, budget-friendly menu of dumplings made with farm-to-table ingredients. It's one of the best things you can do on a Monday night with your s/o.

Go For A Sunset Swim At This Beachfront Pool

The Kits pool is a must-visit in the summer. This has got to be one of the most picturesque swimming pools in the world but it's totally humble and affordable. Visit in the late afternoon together and watch the sky change colours as you paddle around together in the pool. 

Check Out A Food Festival

Vancouver is lighting up with food festivals this summer. There's going to be a massive vegan food festival, an epic Latin American food festival and the first-ever mac and cheese festival this summer! Grab your s/o and visit one of these special festivals this summer!

Go On A NYC-Style Comedy Night Date

Nothing breaks the ice between you and your s/o like comedy. Check out this local improv spot on rookie night for a real NYC date night vibe. Splurge on a table by the stage for the full experience. Plus, they have a hidden patio right on a Granville Island boardwalk with a view of the marina! 

Go On A Romantic Spa Date

A couple's spa day is worth every penny. You'll find relaxation and connection when you unplug and self-care together. You can visit this spa with eight magical different themed rooms, or splash out and rent this entire hidden spa for just you and your s/o!

Process Your Anger At Smash Therapy

Releasing your repressed and pent-up anger in a healthy way instead of directing at your s/o will do wonders for your relationship. For a cathartic release or a little light goofing around, Smash Therapy is a wonderful activity for you and your s/o.

Watch A Movie In The Park

You can catch movies in Stanley Park this summer for free with your s/o! This unique summer date night idea is really romantic. Bring blankets, food and definitely bring lawn chairs so your back doesn't get sore.

Take A Free Yoga Class Outside

Get some fresh air with your s/o this summer and hit up these free yoga classes all around the city. Working out can get pricey and who wants to be stuck inside a sweaty gym when it's so beautiful outside? This is a great idea for you and your s/o to meet other couples, get a little workout in and chill out.

Play Pitch And Putt In The Park

Pitch and Putt in the park is such a fun adventure for you and your s/o. Bring snacks, drinks and get ready to have a good time. Stanley Park has a beautiful course, but you can go to Queen Elizabeth Park too and it's a little more out of the way!

Watch The Fireworks Together

The classic summer date night in Vancouver has got to be waiting until it gets dark on a crowded beach to watch magical fireworks show light up the sky. Come prepared to enjoy the splendour and cozy up with your s/o on the beach to catch this unforgettable display.

Catch A Movie Over Beers At Bells And Whistles

All summer long, local watering hole Bells and Whistles will be showing movies on the big screen every Sunday night! This is a great way to get out of the house on a Sunday and to see a movie without 3D glasses for once. Check out their website to see what movie is up next and surprise your s/o with dinner and a movie with free popcorn!

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