Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Fans of The Walking Dead, you'll want to open this box. There is a super entertaining co-op board game where you can unleash your inner Daryl Dixon. Created in Vancouver, Escape From Sunset Island is the perfect escape from reality right now.

This game was created by two brothers right here in Kitsilano. Robert Straker, one of the designers, told Narcity that he made the initial version of the game at his job to entertain children at Halloween.

Then together with his brother, they took the original concept and redesigned it, so it was suited for people over the age of nine. 

The basic concept of the game is you either team up with friends or go head-to-head to see who will escape the undead. Each player will take one of the unique player cards, and your survival depends on escaping the island.

You'll need to be strategic when gathering essentials like food, water, and gas as they will only slow you down. Along the way, you even risk being turned into a zombie.

The game allows you to play with two to 10 players, making it perfect if you want to play it with your roommate.

What is super interesting is unlike popular co-op games like Pandemic in this game, you have the choice not to assist your friends.

Sure, you could see the strength in numbers and want to ensure everyone makes it. But, you can just as easily decide to go rogue at any point and dash to safety. 

For an extra twist, there is always one person who starts as a zombie. That person will chase their friends to try to turn them into monsters too.

Find yourself bitten, and you'll join the horde craving brains. 

Robert told us that while creating the board grid and characters all happened quickly, but the process of creating the graphics and having it sent to a manufacturer took an additional 18 months. 

Starting in 2013, they got community funding on Kickstarter to help them raise $10,000 to launch their product.

Fast forward to today, this B.C.-born board game is now available on Amazon Canada for $35.00 and includes free shipping. 

Escape From Sunset Island

Original Price: $35.00

Why You Need It: You can play as a zombie and chase your friends in this board game.

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