There's a massive spa in Burnaby near Vancouver that has a seriously impressive setup. There are seven different sauna rooms inspired by the sauna culture around the world.

Heading to the spa with your friends is a great way to hang out and catch up. It's healthy and doesn't involve spending a ton of money on food and drinks! Plus, with all these different rooms available it's impossible to be bored at this spa.

Relaxing in a spa is the perfect activity to do with your workout buddies and your friends who like to work out a lot because it's good for sore muscles and recovery. You might even start a new tradition! This is an awesome way to treat yourself after a long week and will leave you feeling totally refreshed. 

Here are the seven different kinds of sauna rooms you can see at The Art of Sauna:

Himalayan Salt Room

An orange glow invites you to rest in this salty heated room.

Turkish Hammam

The most gorgeous insta-worthy sauna room replete with marble floors and walls.

Russian Banya 

A super hot wood sauna with steam inspired by a traditional Russian sauna.

Dry Aroma

This is the OG way to enjoy a sauna with low humidity and herbal scent therapy. It feels like you're actually inside a cabin!

Finnish Dry

This Finnish sauna has a few Himalayan salt bricks inside for a modern update on an old classic.

Aroma Sauna

This gorgeous blue sauna will make you feel like you're sitting outside on a warm summer night under a star-filled sky while fragrant essential oils are wafting in the steam

Roman Sauna

Their hottest steam room modelled after the spas of antiquity

Salt Steam Room

This super modern steam room uses salt infused steam so it feels like you're on the ocean. Plus the room changes colours!

You can visit The Art of Sauna in Burnaby which is about 30 minutes from Vancouver. It's definitely a good idea to book a reservation ahead of time. You can get access to the sauna rooms for just $35 for two hours. There are a ton of other relaxing offerings so check out their website to see more. 

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