Once our minds start to turn to the upcoming holiday season, there's really no stopping it. There's a popular staple of the holidays in the city that's coming back soon and we've already earmarked our calendars. Vancouver's glowing light dome is going to be up next week and we can't wait.

This massive walk-through ornament will glitter again this holiday season on Georgia Street out front of Nordstrom in downtown Vancouver. Since it's right next to the Canada Line station, it's really easy to get to and an easy way to squeeze in a little holiday fun any day.

The dome is massive and it feels like you're walking inside an actual ball of Christmas magic. There's usually a little bit of mistletoe hanging, too so it's a cheeky place to bring a date on your way to dinner.

The installation of the glittering bulb will happen next week and it should be up and ready to by Saturday, November 16.

It's totally free to check out and walk through, although if you go right at rush hour it'll be a little busy.

The best time to catch the lights glowing is about 30 minutes before sunset. That's how you'll get the most perfect holiday glow that turns up in your photos.

This is just one out of dozens of magical places in Vancouver to take in the holiday lights and get amazing shots.

Peak of Christmas is coming back soon where you can wander through an entire Christmas Village on top of Grouse Mountain.

Plus, Glow is coming and there are two this year, one in Vancouver and one in Abbotsford.

This light dome is special because it's so centrally located that you can just pop in before you head to the mall to do your Christmas shopping. 

You can only walk through a Christmas ornament and experience the magical dome of lights this holiday season before they pack it up again. 

Holiday magic is so fleeting, grab on to it while you can and check out this dome the next time you're downtown.

Walk-Through Ornament

Price: Free

When: Starting on Saturday, November 16 

Address: CF Pacific Centre, TD Plaza on Georgia Street by Granville Street Skytrain Entrance

Why You Need To Go: Lose yourself in an enchanting dome of lights right in the heart of the city this holiday season.

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