Is your fluffy feline your best friend? If so, you probably think you know everything about them, including their favourite treat and toy. But, to truly test how well you know your pet, answer truthfully, do you know which front paw is their dominant one? We didn't think so, thankfully, Vancouver's Science World video shows you how to tell if your cat is right or left-pawed.

They shared with Narcity that all you need to do is gather up a few basic supplies you have around the house, like a string or a toy.

According to Rachel from Science World, it is super easy to figure out your cat's dominant paw. 

It is time to get to know your pet better, are you both lefties? Maybe you have more in common than your love of long naps and fresh seafood.

By dangling a string directly in front of the animal, you can pay attention to which paw they use to swat it with. You can then repeat the process by putting a toy on the ground, or even attempting to get your feline to give you a high five.

After each attempt, you can quickly jot down your observations. When you have done a few tests, compare the results to see if there is a pattern.

Did you notice them preferring to use the right paw more often? If so, that would be their dominant paw.

Who knows, maybe they could even be ambidextrous.

For more things to keep you busy at home even if you don't have a cat, you could also watch cute sea otters on one of the many free animal cams, or you could always get a barnyard pen pal.

If you are all done experimenting with your cat, then you can see more of Science World's videos with tons of cool things to do at home. They told us that they're going to have even more out soon. 

Right Or Left Paw Experiment

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can figure out if your cat is right or left-handed right meow.

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