We've been dreaming about fields of flowers for months but they're finally here now! The Abbotsford Bloom Festival will be starting up next week and we can't wait to get our hands full of fresh flowers.

This weekend is the start of "low bloom" season and it's perfect for getting out into the flower fields without the massive crowds. That means that you won't be angling with dozens of others to get your photos! If you want to wait until "high bloom", it will be way busier but the fields will be totally full of colour and it will look exactly like you've seen it in photos. Either way, you see the festival, you should get your tickets ASAP!

What's really setting this festival apart this year from other spots around the West Coast to see blooming flowers is their special VIP flower crown package. This is for the "ultimate tulip lover" and comes with so many perks that you'll totally be tempted to splash out on VIP status. Here are all the extras you get with your VIP status:

  • entry ticket for the weekend of May 4 during "high bloom"
  • skip the line privileges
  • make your own flower crown
  • u-pick bucket
  • exclusive bloom tote bag
  • rain insurance including a poncho and booties in case it rains

You can check out the Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival starting this weekend! Even though the tulips won't all quite be in bloom yet, this is the best time to go because you can avoid the crowds that come later in the spring! You can get your tickets online right now. VIP Flower Crown tickets are $75 but entry during the low bloom season starting next week are as low as $2.50! Check out their website for more details.

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