Sitting inside all day can be pretty lonely, so why not get yourself a fluffy friend to keep you company? Alpacas are some of the cutest four-legged critters around, and you don't even need a barn to call one your own. You can become an alpaca-mama with the click of a button thanks to this adorable farm. Ontario's alpaca adoption lets you live out your animal dreams without all the work of owning one.

Ever wished you could be the parent of a furry alpaca? It turns out, adopting one of these fluffy creatures is easier than you thought.

Silver Birch Alpacas, a farm located in Napanee, Ontario, is home to adorable huacaya alpacas.

The farm has an adoption program that lets you become the parent of one of these animals online without actually taking it home.

You can pick an alpaca from the website that you'd like to call yours and email the farm in order to start the adoption process.

There are two packages to choose from, one costing $50 and the other $100.

Both packages include a personalized adoption certificate, a photo of your alpaca, a fleece sample, a backstory on your new critter, and two tickets to come and visit it.

You'll also receive goodies like pens, keychains, and more.

The $100 package comes with a handmade alpaca ornament as well as two personalized emails from your furry friend.

Send a message to your alpaca and it will write back and include some adorable photos!

The adoption lasts for one year, and you can choose to renew it again or not.

More than one person can adopt the same alpaca at a time, as the adoption does not imply ownership.

If you do go to visit your alpaca, you can make it a weekend getaway by staying on the farm's Airbnb.

Spend the night in a cozy loft that overlooks the alpaca field so you can get all the adorable views.

Visit the website to see pictures of the herd, and choose a furry friend that you'd like to parent.

Adopt An Alpaca

Price: $50 - $100

Address: 4650 Country Rd. 9, Napanee, ON

Why You Need It: Adopt an alpaca from afar through this online program and receive all sorts of adorable goodies from the farm.

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