Winter is the perfect time for some cozy weather retreats. You can escape the bustle of everyday life and spend some quality time with loved ones or friends. Ontario is full of amazing winter spots to stay, and this Christmas you can treat yourself to a truly unique getaway. This Airbnb will have you in the holiday spirit in no time, and it promises to be a memorable stay. Ontario's Reindeer Farm Airbnb will have you feeling like an elf in the North Pole.

Located in Black River-Matheson, this farm offers two private rooms in the upstairs of a charming rural home.

Surrounded by an arboreal forest, this serene getaway is ideal for anyone who loves adorable animals. 

This Christmas, you can spend your holiday with real-life reindeer for the most festive retreat ever.

The Airbnb is home to lots of fuzzy reindeer, and you can actually meet them during your stay.

A free tour of the farm is included with your booking, so you can visit these festive animals like Santa himself.

You'll also see some adorable fluffy bunnies and other animals that live on the farm.

While you may want to spend your entire trip with all the cute critters, you can explore the stunning forest trails on the property for a winter wonderland adventure.

The Airbnb costs $100 per night and is open all winter.

If you're looking for more snowy getaways, you can stay in some more unique spots across the province this season.

Hibernate in a warm and cozy yurt, or cuddle up in one of these places complete with a glowing fireplace.

Whether you're in need of a break or want to spend some time with someone special, this reindeer farm is a great place to experience something out of the ordinary.

Put on your finest Santa hat and book a room on this charming farm this winter.

Reindeer Way Station

Price Per Night: $100

Neighbourhood: Black River-Matheson, ON

Why You Need To Go: This reindeer farm retreat will whisk you away to the North Pole for a memorable stay.

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