Winter nights are long and dark, which is exactly why we decided to tag along with Jes to explore this luminous trail at the Toronto Zoo. This super fun winter activity is called Terra Lumina, and it is definitely worth checking out while it's in town.

Terra Lumina's 1.5-kilometres path is brought to life with lasers and holograms depicting life-like animals as you’re taken to the year 2099, in a time where humans and nature live harmoniously together. The light shows are out of this world, but we also really appreciate the bright messaging behind this installation. After all, the future is now.

Who: Jes Sellon

What: Terra Lumina at the Toronto Zoo

Where: 2000 Meadowvale Rd., Scarborough, ON

Why: Light up the winter night with trippy hologram animals.

How Much: 💸💸

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