Disappearing into one of your favourite films can be the perfect remedy to curing boredom. With so many attractions closed, watching television has become an even more popular pastime. While you may not be able to view films with your friends in person, you can take part in a new virtual experience that lets you watch as a group. TIFF's Stay-At-Home Cinema will have you feeling like you're on the red carpet. 

The Toronto Internation Film Festival has created a new way to enjoy some film favourites from home.

Stay-At-Home Cinema allows viewers to watch Crave movies accompanied by talks with special guests. 

Each week, TIFF will host movie introductions and special guest Q&A's on Instagram Live.

You can join in the conversation by heading to the organization's Instagram Page.

After the introduction and talk, head over to Crave to watch the film as a group, while keeping the conversation going on social media.

The film series includes old classics and new gems waiting to be discovered. 

Past screenings included The Princess Bride with Mandy Patinkin and Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortensen. 

"I've always believed that movies have a unique power to bring people together," Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director and Co-Head of Tiff said in an introduction video. "I feel like we need that now more than ever."

In order to participate, you will need a Crave and Instagram account.

Instagram is free to sign up for, and Crave is offering a thirty-day free trial so you can enjoy some events without charge.

Stay tuned on TIFF's Instagram page to see upcoming screenings and talks.

You can also head over to Cineplex's website to rent newly released films to watch at home.

Experience television in a whole new way with this new curated film series from TIFF.

Stay-At-Home Cinema

Price: Crave subscription

Why You Need It: Take part in a communal film watching experience from the comfort of your home, complete with special guest Q&A's.

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