You've got mail! Your magical school acceptance letter has finally arrived, and though it may be a little late, you finally have a chance to live out your wizardry dreams! No need to rush off to Diagon Alley for an owl and a wand, all you need to do is show up on the platform and board this magical train. The Toronto Wizard's Festival opens this fall and it's going to be 'riddikulusly' good fun!

This enchanting evening will take you out of the city on a magical train ride, ending at the Wizard's Festival. You'll have a chance to fight dark wizards, and immerse yourself in a truly magical world reminiscent of one of our favourite fantasy series. 

On Saturday, October 26, the one-day-only event will sweep you away to a land of witches and wizards! Regular admission holders will have access to the festival grounds, while premium ticket holders will experience the train ride, VIP area, and the festival grounds. Get your tickets soon, as they are already nearly sold out!

The festival takes place at the York-Durham Regional Railway in Uxbridge, just outside of Toronto. The fun begins at 10 am and goes to 9 pm, giving you lots of time to live out your wizard dreams! This festival will be far from Dumble-boring, with many exciting activities planned for all witch and wizard attendees. 

Purchase robes, wands, and magical bath bombs at the mini shops along the enchanted alley, and witness owl displays, fire performers, a Horcrux maze, and wizard tricks! See if you can pass your OWL exams by visiting classes like Potions, Astronomy, Divination, Charms, Wand Law, and Herbology. Hopefully, no sinister potions masters will be lurking around!

Explore the exotic animals around Hagrid's hut. You may want your Monster Book Of Monsters on hand because you never know what creatures he might have in store. Cheer on your favourite team as the 4 Great Houses compete in a Quidditch Canada tournament! Watch out for those bludgers!

Premium ticket holders will embark on a magical journey aboard the Hallows Express to the GOODWOODORA Wizard Prison. But wait! Two evil prisoners are hatching an escape plan, and it's up to you and your Defense Against the Dark Arts skills to stop them! Help the ministry safely transport these prisoners to a more secure location before they unleash their evils on the Muggle and Wizarding worlds!

Tickets are selling fast, so 'Harry' up and buy yours! Remember, the general admission ticket does not include the magical train ride.

For those that register, a special invitation will be sent out on September 1, inviting you to dine in the Great Hall during the festival. You'll be able to enjoy foods like Treacle Tart, Pumpkin Juice, Pasties, and more! The feast comes at an extra cost, and there are limited seats available. Remember to wear your best wizard robes or you may get detention, Muggle attire is strictly forbidden! 

YDHR Wizard's Festival

Price: $24.99 for general admission, $54.99 for premium pass

Address: 19 Railway St Uxbridge, ON L9P 1E5

Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Why you need to go: Live out your wizard fantasies during this magical, one-of-a-kind festival.



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