If you thought doll collections were already creepy (because Chucky), then you’ll want to check out this Toronto house, now with all kinds of extra ghoulish Halloween twists.

A staple of the Leslieville neighbourhood, this house has made some eerie seasonal adjustments.

Some undead, some definitely deceased, and others that look like they're kind of dying (poor things), the collection of dolls and toys featured here has been a Toronto oddity for years.

Located at 35 Bertmount Ave., it’s only a couple of minutes from the Caroline Ave. 501 streetcar stop.

You shouldn’t have any trouble spotting this place as it kind of stands out from the neighbouring houses.

Owner Shirley Sumaiser began collecting a couple of decades ago.

While dolls feature prominently, you’ll also find an array of toys and figures from pumpkins to a Blockbuster frisbee (scary!).

It may be hard to distinguish the Halloween additions from some of the longer-term denizens, who seem like they're starring in their own private horror movies.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or you're just now seeing it for the first time, October's definitely the time to take it in.

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