The new trend that has been taking over the city lately is the artistic pop-ups that offer the perfect backdrops for Instagram photos. These pop-ups offer some seriously creative installations that offer an interactive experience to everyone who wanders through. 

The newest one to enter the scene is the Dream Space created by artist Anthony Ricciardi! The pop-up is hidden behind a gallery and includes 12 unique installations to explore.

You can find Dream Space at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre which officially opened to the public today, April 12th. You can explore the gallery in front and then venture behind to find all the Instagram gold hidden away! 

The 2,500 square foot pop-up is the newest pop-up experience to open up in Toronto and is all about sparking creativity and inspiring people to go offer their dreams.

Entrance to the gallery is completely free but there is a fee of $15 to enter the immersive interactive installations in the back. The pop-up will be open until July so there's tons of time to visit if you want to wait until the crowds die down.

Check out their website for more information! 


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