Chasing waterfalls will never be a thing of the past. Nothing is more satisfying than relaxing in a beautiful waterfall after a long hike, where you can swim, jump and admire the beautiful scenery. Whether you're an Arizona native, travel junkie, or hiking enthusiast Arizona hidden waterfalls are some of the best around. 

You can reach all of these waterfalls by using hiking trails, some longer than others, but it'll be worth it. The best part is, is that you might even need to camp overnight making the adventure last longer.

Cibecue Falls

Price: $30 per person

Location: Cibecue Creek Trail is about a 3.5-mile trail.

Why you should go: This scenic trail is full of adventure. With river crossings, overgrown brush and rocky roads you'll feel like you're in an Indiana Jones movie. The weather may cause the water to be muddy, but it'll still be worth it! You should know that swimming, camping, and fishing are not allowed here. 


Ribbon Falls

Price: You'll need permits for overnight camping, it's $10 per permit plus $8 per person. More information here.

Location: Grand Canyon National Park via North Kaibab Trail. It's about a 17-mile hike roundtrip. 

Why you should go: This timeless gem is located in Grand Canyon National Park, and the waterfall is about 100 feet high. After your long hike, you can enjoy the moss-covered stones and sound of rushing water. You should check the park's page for updates because the bridge on the trail might be closed.


Cheyava Falls

Price: You'll need permits for overnight camping, it's $10 per permit plus $8 per person. More information here.

Location: Grand Canyon National Park via Clear Creek Trail. It's about a 16-mile hike roundtrip.

Why you should go: This waterfall is one of the tallest in AZ (about 800 feet), making it the perfect destination for all of your backpacking or camping needs. You should plan a Spring trip here because the waterfall usually flows after rain or melted snow.


Bridal Wreath Falls

Price: Weekly pass $20 per vehicle here.

Location: Saguaro National Park, about 5.5-mile out and back hike roundtrip.

Why you should go: On the way, you'll see gorgeous views of the city of Tuscon, AZ. You and your BFF might even see some wildlife along the way. When you've made it you can relax by the water and celebrate your successful hiking adventure! 


Fifty Foot Falls

Price: 2019 Campground reservation prices vary at $100 per person per weekday night and $125 per person per weekend night. More information here.

Location: Havasupai Indian Reservation.

Why you should go: If you're looking for a weekend adventure Havasu canyon is for you. Fifty Foot Falls is one of five waterfalls, so if you want to experience more waterfalls you can! You will need reservations to hike to any of Havasupi's waterfalls because day hiking is not allowed.


You can start planning your next summer trip with your BFF!

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.



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