Checking out some of the coolest (and most prominent) spots around the country is something we live for. After all, bigger is better, right? Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is the tallest suspension bridge in America, making it a must-see on our list.

You can find the bridge in Canon City, Colorado, and it is more than just any old catwalk. It was built in 1929 and held the title of World's Tallest Bridge for 75 years.

There is a $20 fee to drive across.

It's built from wire and wood, and still holds the impressive title of America's highest catwalk.

The gorge below is millions of years old, and as you wander across the steep drop, you can look down where dinosaurs once roamed!

You can visit year-round, but driving across is a rare opportunity. It hasn't been open to vehicles since 2013, according to The Pueblo Chieftain

If you visit the Royal Gorge Bridge website, you can stay updated on information regarding the park openings.

You can still enjoy the incredible views as you drive over the bridge, and snap some photos of the original wood boards that it's made of. The entire platform is a whopping 1,258 feet long and sits 955 feet above the Arkansas River.

There are tons of attractions around the area, including ziplining and gondola rides, which are open from 10 a.m. daily, depending on the weather.

If you love a good adrenaline rush, the Cloudscraper zip line lets you soar 1,200 feet above the river for the ultimate rush. It's the highest zip line in North America, so it's one to tick off your bucket list.

Most of the visitor attractions are temporarily closed, but you can check their website for updates on opening times. It sounds like our summer plans are set. 

The panoramic views from either side of the bridge are breathtaking and well worth a stop for some photos.

Jump in your car and head over to this piece of national history for some well deserved fresh air and some major vantage points.

Royal Gorge Bridge

Price: Free

When: Open year-round

Address: 4218 Co. Rd. 3A, Cañon City, CO 

Why You Need To Go: You can visit the tallest bridge in the US and stop for some truly epic panoramic views of the Arkansas River and valley below.



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