There are still beaches out there with no crowds or noise. Places where all you hear is the creaking of the waves when they break in the sand and the only thing that is close to you is peace, nature and turtle nests. You are probably thinking that to have access to such a place you have to be a millionaire, but you are wrong. Clam Pass Beach in Naples is one of Florida's best-kept secrets.

The beach, located in Clam Pass Park, is also a true natural wonder. Here you can swim in a stream and the ocean at the same time. How? You maybe wonder, well, there's an estuary in the area. That means a stream zigzags between the mangrove forest before finally flowing into the sea. 

In the zone, there's also a sandbar, where it doesn't matter how long you walk, the water will remain at your ankles, giving you the perfect spot to put a chair and enjoy the view and the salty breeze while working on your tan.

The beach is accessible through a boardwalk covered by red, black and white mangroves that have turned the area into a tunnel. After the darkness of the dense vegetation, the tunnel comes to an end and displays before your eyes a turquoise paradise of white sands. Hard not to feel like Leonardo Di Caprio in "The Beach".

The beach is very little frequented, so you can enjoy the pleasure of a calm moment. Also, enjoy the freshwater of the stream because unlike other ones that usually have strong currents when they get close to the sea, this one behaves like a lazy river where you can float and relax for hours.

As the park is covered by a mangrove forest, the area is also populated with wildlife that is important to respect for the stability of the ecosystem. Crustaceans, butterflies, eagles, hawks, seagulls, manatees and even dolphins have been seen in the area, so if you love being close to nature you will enjoy the place very much.

Clam Pass Beach is located in Clam Pass Park, offering visitors amenities such as restaurants, bathrooms, foot showers, parking and transportation to the beach, as well as wheelchairs for water. The park opens from 8:00 a.m. until sunset every day and the cost of parking is $8.

Clam Pass Park

Price: Free. Parking is $8 per vehicle

Address: 465 Seagate Dr, Naples, FL 34103

Why You Need To Go: To dip into the ocean and a river in the same place. There's is also a boardwalk that mangroves have turned into a magical tunnel of trees.

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