What makes the holidays so magical is the ambiance: towering trees, the smell of pine, and of course, the warm glow of twinkling lights. All over the world, people decorate their homes, businesses, and communities to transform them into illuminated wonderlands during the holiday, so much so that it’s even become a worldwide competition. And soon, one of the world’s best light displays in St. Augustine will be opening soon.

The award-winning display will be showing for the 26th year in a row, and you can even take a trolley through the best areas.

This historic town of St. Augustine is already a big travel destination for visitors all over the world, being the oldest city in the U.S. and known for its beautiful Spanish architecture. Now, the winter months are getting busier every year with this dazzling light display drawing onlookers from all over.

Lights are draped from trees, the silhouettes of buildings are drawn in thousands of glittering stars, the water of the Bayfront is awash in lights.

It’s truly a magical experience, it's no wonder that it ranked in the top ten of the world’s best light displays two years in a row.

While you’re welcome to walk and enjoy the town at your leisure, there will be plenty of tours to watch from as well, from trolleys to trains & even horse-drawn carriages.

The holiday lights run from dusk to dawn, November 23rd 2019 to February 2nd 2020, so you have plenty of time to plan your trip and experience it for yourself!

There is plenty of holiday fun to be had in Orlando too, especially at Universal and Seaworld.

St. Augustine Light Display

When: November 23rd, 2019 through January 31st, 2020

Address: The Plaza de la Constitución is a good place to start, then explore the city to see it all.

Why You Need To Go: This fairy-light wonderland is a sight you have to see yourself!

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