A hidden lake surrounded by a jungle-like setting where cypress trees abound and a mystical fog cover the waters is one of Tallahassee's best-kept secrets. Lake Bradford is a beautiful recreation center where visitors can kayak and enjoy outdoor activities. 

This lake is a niche hangout spot for many locals. There are many private homes along the north shore and a beautiful scenic byway. This paddling location is unknown to many travelers and passersby, but it should be well known because it offers a great outdoor adventure for paddlers like any other.

The eerie scenery offers a foreign atmosphere where you can escape the mundane lifestyle. The best access point is at Florida State University Recreation Center where they offer paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and sailboating.

The Waterfront Park and Retreat Center offers 10 active acres where you can enjoy a natural setting. This is one of the most popular spots to dip your toes and enjoy a picnic. 

There are three adjoining lakes with free rentals for FSU students. However, the place is open to the public through the recreation center.

Be aware that alcohol and pets are not allowed at the Rez. The general public is welcome for a small fee of $3. This budget-friendly outdoor activity is accessible for many people and it also offers a tranquil environment to escape reality.

The recreation center also offers sand volleyball, a game of horseshoes, cornhole or Spikeball. You can also take part of the FSU challenge with their 40-foot climbing wall. The kayak, canoe and stand-up paddleboarding cost a mere $10 per hour.

Lake Bradford

Coordinates: 30.42295800, -84.35293700

Price: Entrance fee is $3 and kayak rental is $10 per hour.

Why you need to go: This lake has the most beautiful scenery for a kayaking trip. 


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