Valentine's Day isn't for everyone, especially not those who are single. As you sigh in disgust at every sappy post, pic of roses, and all the cute couples you may find yourself filled with rage. What better way to relieve that stress than with a rage room? If you're tired of holding back that urge to break stuff, Smash the Rage in Miami has the perfect place for you to just let it fly.

You pick your weapon of destruction from their array of options and they provide the safety equipment. All you need to bring is your body, some closed-toe shoes, and a small towel: you'll be working up a sweat.

Of course, if you still have a not-so-special someone still plaguing your life with their face, their most affordable experience lets you bring a box of your own belongings.

Take that picture of your ex with you, and maybe the vase they gave you apology flowers in β€” and that old Windows '98 computer you have sitting in your garage while you're at it too.

Of course, if you cherish all of your belongings, other experiences on the smash menu will have the items included for you, ranging from things like cell phones and cups to the bigger ticket items like TVs and furniture.

They even have neon-lit and paint splash smash room experiences that will add a little artistic flair to your fit of rage.

Packages range in price from $20 per person to bring your own box, to upwards of $100, plus $30 per additional person, depending on how expensive you want the items you'll crush to be.

We think we'll bring our own box and smash Ricky out of our life for good!

Smash The Rage

Price: $20 per person up to $100 for the largest package, plus $30 per additional person

Address: 5056 N.W. 74th Ave. #5056, Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Destroy everything and let all that anger out to your heart's content. The perfect excuse to finally, smash your ex's faces out of your life for good.

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