You won't generally see Sharks while you're at the beach, but somehow we Floridians are fascinated by this aquatic animal -especially when we're anxiously awaiting Shark Week 2019. If you're feeling wild or love to experience the more wild side of nature, Christopher Gillette offers shark diving tours - and they're the real deal.

In a recent Instagram post made on Chris' account, @Gatorboy_Chris, he has an upcoming snorkel and free-dive shark tour on April 11th - and is looking for people who are fearless adventurers and fellow nature lovers. He plans to host the dive with these predators of the deep out of Jupiter, Florida. He also includes his email for those interested in the adrenaline pumping, one-of-a-kind, experience to confirm all the dangerous details.

Check out this video Chris' fellow nature lover and underwater photographer, Mickey Scott captured on a recent free-dive at the Jupiter location:

These dives really let you get up close and personal with the sharks - and there's absolutely no cage between you and this incredible predator. With no-holds-barred, that's enough to make anyone a bit nervous. Chris's website states that safety is super important to them and he briefs all tour guests with proper techniques and rules prior to diving.

Chris' website also welcomes guests from any skill level - from first-time shark snorkeler to certified deep diver. You'll be in the water with him and extremely experienced and knowledgable staff the entire time to guide you during your up-close encounter. Being an underwater photographer as well, Chris always brings his camera and can document your insane experience.

You can see a variety of species of sharks during your tours such as bull, tiger, silky, sandbar, Goliath, or Jupiter resident Lemon shark that is known as 'Snooty the Shark'. Depending on the time of year, where you go, and weather conditions you may see any of those, or whatever else the ocean decides to throw at you! 

You can see Snooty the Shark and a couple of other sharks recently captured by Chris below:

Gillette is well known on Instagram for his dangerous dips with wildlife on his profile, @Gatorboy_Chris. His Underwater Alligator Tours are extremely popular and definitely an experience worth trying if you're feeling extra brave and wanted to experience both beautiful beasts up close. His alligators also produce some of the most unreal underwater shots we have ever seen like this one below from a recent tour:

@oohhkayembedded via  

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If you're not quite ready to swim with these fishies, that's okay - you can follow Chris on his dangerous adventures on his Instagram, @Gatorboy_Chris.

If you have a love for nature and happen to be a bad-ass, you can book your shark tour with Chris by email at, or through his contact page.

For more information about the Gator Boy's Shark and Alligator Tours, you can find that on his website here.

Disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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