We've done it, survived another year in the wastes of Orlando. Through the blistering hot summers and rainy day ruined adventures, we just barely made it. If you want to celebrate your survival, you can next month. The coolest Post-Apocalyptic 'Fallout' Themed Bar, Vault 5421, is throwing their 2-year anniversary event.

For a long time, we didn't even know that this hidden gem existed! Tucked away in the back corner of Gods & Monsters Comic book shop you'll find Vault 5421 - a completely post-apocalyptic themed speakeasy from wall to wall - you'll feel like a raider of the Orlando wastes. The best raid discovery ever.

You'll be surrounded by nerdy pop-culture references from the decor to the drinks. The atmosphere is super cool and chill, something you have to experience first hand to truly appreciate. We're happy that they've made a Vault in Orlando to keep us safe for the last 2 years - and tipsy.

Next Month, Vault 5421 will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary with a big event, that will offer a variety of ways to play and slay your way through the evening. The anniversary celebration will be open to the public, with VIP tickets available giving you some extra goodies for your visit!

During the duration of 21+ Vault 5421 celebration, they will have drink specials running with fun references to gaming and nerd culture - like the Xenomorph, a refreshing green apple cocktail referencing 'Alien', or the 'Blow Me Morty' - a boozy whipped cream topped shot referencing.

The event will feature blackjack tables and raffles, so you can gamble those caps you get when you enter! Gaming stations will be set up for you to game on with your friends, or you can venture into the vault and play on the arcade tables or Super Nintendo.

If you purchase a VIP ticket for $25, you get some extra goodies for your visit to the Vault that just might give you the edge to gamble your way to Overseer - or at least win some prizes.

The VIP ticket includes early access to the event at 6pm, for 2 hours of the bar all to yourself and only 29 other VIP ticket holders get 20% off your drinks until 8pm, 15% off after 8pm. You'll also receive a free event cocktail, free event shot, extra caps for blackjack and raffles, a burlesque act by Sissy Mary Sinful and a belly dance performance by Serafina.

If you've been hype for their Escape Vault 5421 experience opening soon, VIP ticket holders have a chance to win tickets through the raffles. The Escape the Vault experience takes you and your band of raiders into the vault, where you accidentally trigger the defense protocols and must try to escape...before it's too late.

Whether you go VIP for all the extra perks and a chance to win the Escape Room experience or not, you'll still have the chance to play hard and get tipsy at the Vault 5421 2-Year Anniversary Event.

Vault 5421 2-Year Anniversary Event

When: July 13th; Doors open at 6pm for VIPS, 8pm for the general public.

Where: 5421 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Price: $25/VIP ticket; entrance to the general public during is free, with fewer perks.

Why you need to go: The coolest themed bar in the wastes of Orlando with tons of 'Fallout', 'Mad Max', videogame and nerd-pop culture references scattered throughout the bar; Post-apocalyptic theme with retro games to play - tucked inside of the comic shop if you're a comic book fan and want to shop. The event will have tons of ways to gamble and play, as well as live entertainment with the belly and burlesque dancers. 21+ only.

You can purchase VIP tickets here.

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