I haven’t figured it out yet but so many people put limits on Georgia. I mean, we are way more than peaches (the best btw)and Atlanta! We are one of the best states to live in or visit! Georgia is filled with character, history, and an overload of adorable small towns. Yes, we have tons of small towns, but you wouldn’t know that because folks don’t talk about them. The big cities and larger towns overshadow the greatness of our small towns.

Georgia's small towns also have character and many are hidden treasures. Come and explore with us as we venture through a few small towns in Georgia you need to visit!

Inman Park

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Inman Park is one of the cutest small towns Georgia has to offer. And yes, if you were wondering, it’s also an actual park, that’s quite beautiful. Inman Park has all the small town charm, and I promise you could never get bored!

What to do: If you venture through Highland Ave, you’ll find yourself surrounded by little shops and cafes and a slew of food options. You can find everything from Julianna’s crepe shop, to comfort foods at Folk Art. Stop through the famous Krog Street Market and enjoy a free weekly wine tasting at Hop City!


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Where the suburb meets the city perfectly describes Brookhaven. Located just 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, it’s the perfect little, hidden gem. It has a small vibe of both suburb and city with the right amount of friendliness.

What to do: Grab some tea or coffee and hit the streets. Here, you get to experience some yummy foods and shopping. Stop by Brookhaven Park and find out why it's much more than just a park!

Little Five Points

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So that you know, it’s almost impossible to live in Little Five Points area without being involved in some artistic flow.

What to do: Little Five Points is probably the hippest place in the Atlanta area. Beautiful homes surround it, it's in the city and brings all types of people together! LFP is an area where you go to be yourself without others opinions.


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So, Senoia isn’t technically adorably, but it's for sure a town in Georgia you need to you visit! It also gives off major historical vibes. Now, don’t tell anyone I told you this but its even one of the places where The Walking Dead was filmed. Yes, little ole’ Senoia has some accolades.

What to do: Senoia is filled with a lot of love from the locals. There are local shops dedicated to The Walking Dead that offer tours and a chance to purchase keepsakes. You’ll also find locally grown soap shops and tons of parks.


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In Dahlonega, you won't find a single person who says something terrible about wine! This small town is the home of wineries and a good time. Come and visit Dahlonega when you want to escape the noise.

What to do: Call your crew up and visit their many wineries. Take a stroll through their field while you sip on goodness. Then experience the beautiful sights of their waterfalls and Old School Movie Theater. There’s always something to do here.

Castleberry Hill

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Castleberry Hill, also known as the warehouse district, is nothing you’ve ever seen before. If you’re looking for a place that has beauty and a bunch of free activities, look no further; Castleberry Hill has all of your needs!

What to do: If you love art, then make sure you explore their many art galleries. You can even sign up for art tours. Dive deep into a range of different foods and snap some selfies on the many creative walls they have around town.


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Tiger, GA is a small town that’s still trying to figure out where the name originated from. But its packed with good times and great views. although it's small, it doesn't disappoint.

What to do: Well, Tiger is another great town that offers a range of wine vineyards so be sure to check that out! They are known for their big screen drive-in theater and cabin style homes.

St. Marys

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Come to take a visit towards the southeastern part of Georgia to explore great history in St. Marys. Also, don’t be scared to explore their many water scenes. There are lots of activates to keep you busy in this quaint town.

What to do: Have you ever heard of wild horses? Well, you’re in for a surprise if you haven’t. The Dungeness Ruins may not be adorable, but it’s a great sight to see, and the horses are beautiful. If that doesn’t float your boat, dive into some water actives, catch a play or take a train ride through history.


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Now, we’re not talking about Dublin, Ireland here, okay? However, Dublin, Georgia is a small town that has all the little town vibes you can image. Family time and fun come into play when you visit this town. It’s simple living.

What to do: It’s a must that you visit their famous theater called Theater Dublin. You can catch movie shows, plays, and even musical events. Afterward, be sure to grab a bite to eat at Deano’s; it will make you think you've time traveled to 1960! And yes it’s a pizza spot, but it’s not just any pizza!


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Have you ever been to jail and been able to drink? Well in McDonough you can! This little town sits about 30 miles from Atlanta and is the perfect description of the country.

What to do: On your next weekend advantage, be sure to stop through Jailhouse Brewery. No, it’s not a real jail but has all the specs of one! Enjoy one of the many parks and enjoy a fun-filled day at Southern Belle Farm picking strawberries and much more!

Blue Ridge

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This little town runs in as being one of the smallest towns in GA! Just two years ago it had around 1,000 folks! Nonetheless, Blue Ridge is far from boring! It has some of the best views you will ever find too!

What to do: There’s everything from wineries, shops, and great views! Spend a day hiking up Blue Ridge Mountain and then go walking through Mercier Orchards. There’s also a slew of shops and great eateries!


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Get lost in this little town that’s full of historic spots, attractions and much more. Milledgeville has a history dating back to the Civil War and many beautiful 1800 styled homes.

What to do: But first, grab some coffee, and then hop on a trolley tour around the town while they discuss Milledgeville’s history. Or take a stroll through downtown and shop their many antique spots! And if you’re up for it, watch the sunset at Lake Sinclair or experience it during the day.


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Another super, super small town is Greensboro GA. It’s covered with southern history and fun! And if you interested, its home of one of Georgia’s oldest Courthouses.

What to do: Head downtown and take a stroll to capture the beauty of Greensboro. It’s full of boutique and antique shops so bring your wallet and get your shopping on! Then try your taste buds at The Yesterday Café, but don’t go yesterday, go today!


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Also known as, Historic Roswell, this town comes with a blast from the past! Its full of good eats, amazing southern people and a short drive from Atlanta.

What to do: Well, it’s a must that you hop on the free historical trolley to find out everything you need about Roswell. Fill your stomach up with Ceviche Taqueria and walk down to explore the Chattahoochee River.


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Lilburn GA is easily one of the prettiest towns in the state. It’s considered a part of the metropolitan area of Atlanta. It has character, history and tons of things to do!

What to do: It's no secret that BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is located in Lilburn, so it’s a must to visit! Learn about its history, the culture and then grab a snapshot of it all. Explore their parks and a cooling tunnel.


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Yes, parts of Stranger Things were filmed here, but I promise you that’s not the only cool thing about Jackson GA! It has some of the best scenery in the state and some tasty foods!

What to do: After you’re done hiking up High Falls State Park, go fruit picking at Southern Belle Farms and be sure to snap a bunch of photos to capture the beauty of Jackson. The views here are out of this world!


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Madison looks like something out of an old-school textbook, but in a cute, classy way. It has all the southern vibes and activates you can think of along with an audio tour! Yes, listen and stroll through the streets of Madison.

What to do: Be sure to find out all about this historic place at Madison-Morgan Cultural Center. Afterward, grab some eats and start shopping. They have everything from cute farmers markets, collectible stores, and antiques.

Tallulah Falls

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Have you gotten over the shock that this place is indeed in GA and that you need to visit as soon as possible? I mean honestly, this place is like no other. Its stunning sights will have you thinking you’re out in the country instead of down the street. PS: even though you can’t live in Tallulah Falls, you can live near it!

What to do: There’s no doubt you will be taking tons of pictures in Tallulah Falls! Be sure to capture every angle as you hike, bike or climb to the top! Explore one or all of their many trails as you take in how serene and peaceful this masterpiece can be. Then, if you’re feeling limitless, continue exploring as you experience their overnight campsite! 


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If you’re looking for a spot to escape to for a little while, take a drive down to Athens, GA; just around 60 miles east of Atlanta. Athens has everything you need in an adorable town. It's best known as the “classic city” as it gives off historic vibes.

What to do: Since its Fall season which really means football season, make sure to pick up a t-shirt to represent the University of Georgia football team. They have tons of tailgating for everyone in town to experience. Chow down on some good eats at one of their many favorite spots. We hear Mama’s Boy is the best!


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Seriously, I don’t think you’ll find another town smaller than Colquitt! They have almost 2,000 folks here! But this little town still has some stuff to offer that makes it worth a visit!

What to do: For starters, Cotton Hall Theater is where you need to be when you come to visit! It’s one of a kind place if plays are your thing. Be sure your camera is ready also, to capture the many murals they have around town and soak up the country vibes.

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