Did you know that Georgia is THE place to go if you're looking for some breathtaking waterfalls? From small and big falls to ones that end in gorgeous swimming holes, Georgia has it all. 

Why not take a road trip to (at least) one of these waterfalls and cool off while exercising (and snapping IG pic... or 10). Here are 30 of the most stunning waterfalls that you need to check out this summer.


1. Sea Creek Falls, Suches 

A short hike leads to this little hidden gem.It's a popular spot for swimming, so pick a day when the sun is shining and the air is warm, and don't forget your swimming trunks!

2. Helton Creek Falls, Blairsville

From driving on unpaved roads to navigating creeks, the route to arriving at this beautiful waterfall is just as exciting as the destination itself. The water can be pretty cold though, so be warned!

3. Dick's Creek Falls, Cleveland

This classic North Georgia swimming hole is definitely a staple for summer activities. Bring your tube and float away the afternoon with the soothing sounds of the rushing falls!

4. High Shoals Falls, Hiawassee

A bumpy, difficult road leads to the trailhead of the hike to this waterfall. It's a super scenic hike that ends up at this stunning waterfall/swimming hole!

5. Dukes Creek Falls, Helen

This heavenly gem is complete with wooden bridges boasting scenic views of the falls. It's a pretty easy hike to get to the falls, but there's some uphill on the way back.

6. Toccoa Falls, Stephens County

Located on a college campus, this spot definitely has one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the state. The best part is, you don't have to endure a grueling hike to get there!

7. Anna Ruby Falls, Helen

Beautiful cascades and an easy hike? Sounds good to me! Anna Ruby Falls is absolutely gorgeous and very well maintained! There are even washrooms and water fountains on site.

8. DeSoto Falls, Blairsville 

Although Hurricane Irma may have downed some trees and caused the temporary closure of the trails, DeSoto Falls is back open and ready to explore. The falls are absolutely gorgeous, so you don't want to miss out!

9. Horsetrough Falls, Helen

Helen is packed full of some of the state's most gorgeous waterfalls, and Horsetrough Falls is just one of them. This popular spot is so naturally beautiful that you'll forget about the crowd!

10. Hurricane Falls, Tallulah Falls 

Tallulah Falls is the gorgeous gateway to Tallulah Gorge State Park. It's also a beloved swimming spot, so wear your swimmies and don't forget a towel and sunscreen!

11. Little Estatoah Falls, Sky Valley 

Estatoah Falls is located on Mud Creek in Rabun County, in the small resort town of Sky Valley. Located on a private property, the bigger falls aren't open to the public but can be viewed from a distance.

12. Amicalola Falls, Dawson County

As the tallest in the entire state, Amicalola Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia! The falls also have a stunning view of the surrounding hills.

13. Ammons Creek Falls, Rabun County

Cascading over 100 feet, Ammons Creek Falls is located in the Tallulah Ranger District of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

14. Angel Falls, Lakemont

The hike to get here is approximately three miles, but it's rewarding as HECK. It's called "Angel Falls" for a reason—it looks like a glorious stairway to heaven!

15. Becky Branch Falls, Clayton 

The Warwoman Dell Trail leads you through a lush forest that will transport you to another world. Mosses and wildflowers cover the stunning valley, and Becky Branch Falls is the perfect reward for a gorgeous 1.4-mile hike.

16. Blue Hole Falls, Helen

This waterfall is on the same trail as High Shoal Falls. Having two of Georgia's most epic falls on one hike is like killing two birds with one stone—the perfect sunny day activity!

17. Cherokee Falls, Dade County

Located in Cloudland Canyon State Park, this previously unnamed waterfall actually got its name from a contest! It's super picturesque, and the pool of water at the bottom is the most gorgeous shade of blue!

18. Emery Creek Falls, Chatsworth

This waterfall is a prize you have to work for. The trail is moderately intense, and you'll most likely get your feet wet in river crossings. But, hey, you'll be glad you did it!

19. Falls Branch Falls, Cherry Log

This short and sweet hike leads you to Falls Branch Falls, a gorgeous waterfall that's great for cooling off on a hot summer's day! It's the perfect waterfall to visit if you only have an hour or two to kill.

20. High Falls, Jackson

High Falls is the perfect place to spend an entire afternoon. With picnic tables and washrooms, you can bring a lunch and stay and play in the sun all day! A little cool off in the water, and you'll be all set. 

21. Jacks River Falls, Blue Ridge

Be ready to get your feet wet when hiking to this scenic waterfall! The adventurous trek rewards you with stunning views of Jacks River Falls, and it's most enjoyable on a gorgeous summer's day!

22. Keown Falls, LaFayette

This towering, trickling waterfall comes with a view that's just as beautiful as Keown Falls itself! It looks out for miles onto sprawling forests, which are especially beautiful if you go in the fall months.

23. Lula Falls, Flintstone

Lula Falls is definitely one of the most picturesque waterfalls. It towers down dramatically and comes complete with a bunch of trails in the area so you can choose your own adventure

24. Panther Creek Falls, Clarkesville

This is one of the more challenging waterfalls to get to, involving a difficult 7-mile roundtrip hike. However, it is SO worth it—it's one of North Georgia's most popular waterfall destinations.

25. Oceana Falls, Tallulah Falls

A popular spot for extreme kayakers, this waterfall is definitely unique. It has a slanted rockface in which the water cascades down, making it a super cool spot unlike any other!

26. Vickery Creek Falls, Roswell

This man-made waterfall in the metro Atlanta region is no less beautiful than any of the natural falls in the state. There's a historic mill and hiking trails in the area for a full day of exploratory fun!

27. Trahlyta Falls, Owltown

Leading to the gorgeous Lake Trahlyta, Trahlyta Falls is a cascading waterfall that tumbles down a series of boulders and steps. It's most beautiful in the fall when the surrounding forest is bright and scenic.

28. Tempesta Falls, Clarkesville

Tempesta Falls is best viewed from above (and made even more magical with bubbles!). The large falls will remind you of the power and beauty of our natural world. 

29. Caledonia Cascade, Tallulah Falls

The Caledonia Cascade is another waterfall located near the Tallulah Gorge. This tiered waterfall features three drops and is best viewed from the hiking trail around the rim of the gorge. 

30. Long Creek Falls, Blue Ridge

Topping off our list is Long Creek Falls, located in Fannin County, GA. The fairly wide falls are roughly 50 feet high. You'll be amazed by its beauty, no doubt!

Disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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