It's not a matter of who wants to eat healthily, but how can we afford to eat healthily? This simple question is plaguing several communities within Atlanta. With the high costs of organic products and the distance you have to travel to get there, accessibility to eating organic, pesticide-free food isn't always guaranteed. Thankfully, The Urban Food Forest is seeking to provide a community garden in Atlanta where you can pick an assortment of fruits and veggies, all for free. 

The 7.1-acre Food Forest at Browns Mill is the first of its kind in Georgia, as well as the largest garden in the United States. Anyone wishing to go into the garden simply has to show up. Volunteers run the show behind the scenes and care for the multi-acre property. 

Depending on the season you show up in, you can find nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms. You can even perch up under the pecan tree to catch some much-needed shade. Apple picking and pumpkin picking are fall necessities this season, but somehow your food tastes better when it's free. 

Although the garden isn't running to full capacity right now, you can expect several more options in the upcoming months, like grapes, walnuts, corn, green beans, and squash. 

You have to credit some of the garden's success to the hardworking beehives that pollinate the plants and the goats that help clear some of the overgrown land. You can get a glimpse of the busy bees during your visit (but we've yet to witness goats). 

The area doubles as a public park, so you can also hit the trails, dip your toes into the creek, and have a picnic at one of the many gathering tables. It's worth it to just take a walk through and admire the sheer number of flowers. 

According to the City of Atlanta, the ultimate goal of this project is to "bring healthy food within a half-mile of 85 percent of Atlanta residents by 2022."

With all elements of the forest still being solidified, you can keep up with the progress by following their social media pages. 


Urban Food Forest 

Price: Free! 

Address: 14 -0038-0008-007, 4, Atlanta, GA 30315

Why You Need To Go: If organic food isn't accessible to you, this is a major solution that's free!


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