Atlanta is full of fun and interactive ways to manifest your artsy side. If you want to express your creativity and learn a new skill at the same time, you might want to check out this BYOB glassblowing in Atlanta. You can sip on booze after creating dreamy treasures through a hands-on class crafting hot glass. 

Decatur Glassblowing, a garage-style space with vibrant murals of green and yellow flames painted on the exterior, is a machine-shop-turned-studio in Atlanta.

The immersive workshop offers hands-on classes to craft unique pieces of art through the fascinating process of molding glass under intense heat and shaping it with your own breath.

Each guest will work one-on-one with an instructor to watch their very own magical masterpiece come to life as they spin and shape fiery, molten glass into a keepsake.

A bonus to choosing this location for your glassblowing experience is the fact that you can bring along your own wine, beer, and food when you book a group event.

Abigail Yeagley, gallery manager and instructor at Decatur Glassblowing, told Narcity that guests are more than welcome to bring their own alcohol, as long as they hold off on drinking until they've fulled completely the glassblowing process.* 

As glassblowing is an extremely dangerous activity, drinking while learning this fun trade is not permitted.

No skill is required for this interactive experience, as it's designed for beginners.

You and your friends can get super inventive when brainstorming your creation, but it's advised on the website that you start with a flower or ornament for your first time.  

Next time you and the crew plan an outing, you can book a group event by calling the number on their classes page.

A one-hour session for three people is only $55 per person, but you can inquire about adding more. 

You can also check out their class calendar for public events and go home with some already-made goodies from the on-site store.

*This article has been updated.

Decatur Glassblowing

Price: $55+ per person

Address: 250 Freeman St., Decatur, GA

Why You Need To Go: Create a whimsical masterpiece while sipping booze with this exciting, hands-on glassblowing experience.

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