There are so many reality and competition shows on television these days. Whether it's watching the latest housewives duke it out over gossip or strangers scheming to vote someone out of a gigantic house, not many showcase true talent. One of the original competition shows, and rated the best dance competition on television, is still thriving. This is your chance to see So You Think You Can Dance live in Atlanta in November so you can see the magic up close. 

So You Think You Can Dance is dancing into their 16th year, proving that they are a champion in the TV competition game. Similar to past years, the Top 10 finalist are taking their dance moves on the road and touring the U.S. This is a perfect chance to see those high tosses and crazy foot skills in person.

The SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE LIVE! 2019 tour officially kicks off on Oct. 12 in Atlanta City, New Jersey and ends on Dec. 6, stopping in 40 cities across the nation. The amazing dancers will stop in Atlanta on Nov. 6 and fill out the Coca-Cola Roxy. The dancers will be performing beloved routines from the show and even new ones for each audience so you know it's going to be special.

The Top 10 has worked insanely hard to get to this point so you it's all about the final stretch. Just in case you haven't watched in a while, the finalists are Anna Linstruth, Benjamin Castro, Bailey Munoz, Eddie Hoyt, Ezra Sosa, Gino Cosculluela, Madison Jordan, Mariah Russell, Sophie Pittman and Stephanie Sosa. The 10 will also be accompanied by past All Stars Cyrus Specer (season nine) and Lauren Froderman (season seven).

Tell a close friend and grab two tickets for this amazing show, starting only at $40. After you enjoy a night that may inspire a round of Dance Dance Revolution, you have to grab a taco (or three) at this new spot that has 20 options and will stay open til 3 a.m. If drinks are more your wave, then you have to try a Jack and Coke slushie from this hipster bar in Atlanta. 



Price: $39.50

When: Nov. 6

Address: Coca-Cola Roxy, Atlanta Georgia

Why You Need To Go: You can see a live shooting of the hit show So You Think You Can Dance live for only $40 

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