2019 is all about girl power, and we love to see it (even if they are villains. Six Flags Over Georgia rides has undergone some major changes since we were kids running around the park, and there are even bigger changes coming in 2020. Catwoman and Poison Ivy both have their own themed rides coming to Six Flags next year, meaning the Gotham City just got a whole lot more intense. 

For the adrenaline seekers, Catwoman Whip is the ultimate gravity-defying adventure. You'll be strapped into a super-sized wheel, while a giant arm moves you both vertically and horizontally. The open-air seats will really make you feel like you're being flung around the sky. 

The craziest part is that you'll be seven stories high in the air, reaching record heights like 67 feet high. It's been a hit out in Texas, but you might get queasy just from watching. Those with motion sickness, beware. 

If you're not a fan of rides where you're being tossed upside down, this is the one time in your life that Poison Ivy might not feel so bad. 

The Poison Ivy Toxic Twister is like a classic Tea Cup ride on steroids. 36 riders are placed in pods and are twisted and turned at high-speeds. Your pod will turn counter-clockwise while the rotating arm turns the entire ride clockwise. 

Although it's less of a thrill ride, it's still not meant for anyone with a weak stomach. The rides are just like the villains they characterize - badass no matter how you frame it. 

Outside of Gotham City expanding its rides, it'll also give park-goers more reason to stop and shop. Revamped food and shopping options will certainly lure guests into a Batman (who also has a sushi roll named after him) dominated world. 

Here you can see how the rides compare to each other, and how the mood changes at night. If you can't wait until 2020 for these new additions, Fright Fest is back right now with spookier elements. 


Six Flags Over Georgia 

Price: $43.19+

Address: 275 Riverside Pkwy, Austell, GA 30168

Why You Should Go: Gotham City is expanding and you have to witness the change with your own eyes. 


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