When it comes to pumpkin patches and farms during the Halloween season, Georgia knows how to do it right. Many Georgia farms turn into haunted attractions when the sun goes down, and that is what we all live for during this season. You will be terrified out of your mind at this haunted house in Georgia so be prepared. 

Opening on Sept. 28, Yule Forest in Stockbridge, Georgia will be open for the season, and on the night Sept. 27, the forest turns completely haunted.

During the day, it is a unique pumpkin patch and farm that lets you pick your own pumpkin out of their ginormous patch actually off the vine. At night, you can choose from three different experiences to get your blood pumping. 

Yule Forest turns into Fear the Woods at night, and let us tell you, you really will fear the woods from here on out. There are three experiences you can choose from, or you can even do them all if you are brave enough. 

Not only will you see some pretty scary things, but you will also mentally be scared. All of your psychological fears will come to life and be right in front of your face. 

The first attraction you have to hit is the haunted house on the property. You will step foot into a decaying closet of a little girl and the demons of her nightmares will be out to get you. If you can make it all the way through, you get some major points. 

The second attraction is the Terror Transport and Haunted Trail. You will ride on the "Annihilator" bus out to the middle of the woods and it will scare you before you actually get to the haunted trail. 

The Third attraction is the Pandemic Frontline Haunted Combat. This is a live-action experience where you will be "killing" zombies that are coming to attack you. It is the only outdoor video-game experience in the state. 

If you feel like you can handle these three attractions, you need to head over to Stockbridge, Georgia. If not, there are more farms in the state that are great for those who don't like to be spooked. This one destination lets you pick apples for only $8 and you can pick pumpkins at this vintage spot in North Georgia. 


Fear the Woods 

Price: $25-$35

When: Sept. 27-Oct. 27 (only on the weekends) and Halloween night

Address: 3565 N Hwy 155, Stockbridge, GA 30281

Why You Need To Go: The farm turns into a terrifying forest at night where your worst nightmares will come to life. 

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