When things are pink, it just makes them 100x better than they already are. Barbie's dream house is actually what most of us wish our houses looked like. North of the state, you can actually see a pink mansion and it is open for the holiday season for Georgia locals and visitors to explore. This is the perfect thing to do in Georgia if you're looking for unique holiday fun. 

The Historic Tate House is located in North Georgia in Tate, Georgia. It is mainly known for lavish weddings and just the plain fact that it is pink. You do not see many pink houses these days, so it is pretty unique. It is also boasts a massive 19,000 square feet. 

It is made of pink marble and is one of the prettiest mansions you will ever see in the South. Usually, you can only see it if you are attending a wedding, but during November and December, you can make a reservation to tour the house during the holiday season

The house will be open for tours on November 23-26 and then again on December 1-21. This should be on the top of your holiday bucket list because the entire place is decked out in Christmas decor which just adds to the beauty of the place.

There are no tours on Fridays, but the house will be open Saturdays through Thursdays. It is only $15 at the door and you can take your time exploring the entire house. The Tate House told Narcity that there are over 20 decorated Christmas trees throughout the property. 

You will also have the option of taking the "Luncheon Tour" to get more of an experience. These tickets are $40 and it includes a buffet lunch in the 4,000 square foot ballroom. There will be a cash bar as well.

Do not forget to stop in the Holiday Boutique they have open during the tours. You can get unique Christmas decor or pick up some gifts for your family and friends.

Of course, you will have to take a thousand pictures outside of the beautiful pink house because you will have to wait a whole year to go back. You might even get some inspo to pinkify your own home. 


The Tate House

Price: $15+

When: November 23-26 and December 1-21

Address: 61 Georgia Marble Rd., Tate, GA 30177

Why You Need To Go: This pink mansion will be open for the holiday season and you can actually tour it. 

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