Even though Halloween has passed us by, there are plenty of people that still seek the thrill of turning the corner in a dark room and being surprised by a zombie or serial killer. Even though haunted houses in Michigan can be hard to come by during Christmastime, this one is definitely worth the visit. 

There may be a line when you get to the Manor that could be up to an hour wait, but don't worry! The queue is covered with a tent and populated by space heaters and actors covered in blood to cheer you up before you go inside. 

The outside is covered in lights, while the inside features Christmas decor and spooky surprises waiting for you around every corner.

This event showcases a "Bloody Christmas" version of their haunted house that is equal parts merry and scary; it looks like Krampus might make an appearance to steal the show too. 

There are only two days for you to soak in these holiday scares, December 13 & 14; you can get $3 off of your admission ticket if you show them this flyer on your phone.

Tickets are $26, or $23 with the linked flyer. For $10, you can upgrade your ticket and skip the line. The ticket office will be selling admission from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. this Friday and Saturday.

The manor will be open and taking visitors until every person with a ticket gets to experience the fright.

If you haven't heard the legend of Krampus, it's appealing to those that want their spooky season of October to last all the way until Christmas.

It's an old German legend about a creature that is half-goat, half-demon and steals away children that have been naughty.

Basically, it's like if Santa had a brother who was the complete opposite of him. This story has become a lot more popular in the U.S. lately and has even starred in a comic book series and a movie. 

This haunted house is definitely worth checking out if you want your holiday activities to come with a little more of an edge. Merry Kramp-mas to this true nightmare before Christmas.

If you're looking for some Christmas activities in Michigan that aren't quite so scary, check out this reindeer farm or the biggest Christmas store in the world!

Bloody Christmas at Rotten Manor

Price: $26 for admission, or $23 with flyer

When: December 13 & 14

Address: 13245 Dixie Hwy, Holly, MI

Why You Need To Go: This a super unique haunted house experience and an opportunity to mix Halloween & Christmas, two of the best holidays! 

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