The legacy of wanting to become a wizard and attend a magical school full of wonder and surprise is something we've all dreamed of since 11 or 12. This love for wands, magic and spells has worked its way into our adult lives and we can't seem to shake it. Now instead of buying books and DVDs, we attend themed events in Charlotte that entertain our wizardry ways. 

Discovery Place Science in Charlotte is channeling our inner magic vibes and hosting a Science on the Rocks: Wizarding World event. Partygoers can leave their muggle lives behind and step into Hogwarts for a few hours. 

On January 17, alchemists will fill Discovery Place Science to mix up some magical cocktails with an Advanced Potion-Making class. You'll also get a chance to craft your own wand, maybe not quite as well as Ollivander's, but yours should be good too. 

There's no such thing as a wizard's party without a costume contest, so come dressed in your best robes to compete (and potentially win).

The best part will be getting sorted into your proper house with an all-knowing Sorting Hat. Be placed with the cunning Slytherins, brave Gryffindors, kind Hufflepuffs or wise Ravenclaws and make new mystical friends.

This event was made for those Potter lovers who need a sprinkle of magic in their 2020. This event is adults-only, as there will be beer, wine, and liquor available all night. Curio City Kitchen will also be serving quick eats to go with all your potions and booze.

Tickets are available online and can be purchased up until two hours before the event starts so hurry and grab those ASAP. Don't miss this magical experience.

For more adult fun, you'll have to check out this interactive mini-golf course coming to the city or even this boozy archery tag spot that's sure to make for a fun weekend! 

Science on the Rocks: Wizarding World

Price: $12

When: January 17 @ 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Address: 301 N Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 

Why You Need To Go: This boozy party will surely bring out the wizard in you! Make your own potions, get sorted by the Sorting Hat and even build your own wand. 

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