Even if you've lived in one city your entire life, it seems nearly impossible to discover every part of it. You may have fallen into a comfortable routine when it comes to fun things to do in Charlotte, but why not try something new? This cheap scavenger hunt is a great way to explore the city in an Amazing Race-inspired venture.

Puzzling Adventures is a self-guided tour that lets participants discover the hidden gems in tons of locations throughout the U.S. Although part of the adventure is an (amazing) race against the clock, you can still have the opportunity to (literally) stop and smell the roses.

The Charlotte journey takes you to different spots throughout the city, challenging you and your crew to crack codes, answer questions and solve puzzles. You can even have fun taking selfies to upload as part of the hunt.

The excursion is completely autonomous, meaning no reservations are required. You simply sign up and play from your phone on your own time.

It won't be super stressful either because you're only timed during your actual travels. The clock pauses after you solve each riddle, so you can truly savor all the places you'll go and the things you'll see. 

Part of the excitement lies in the unknown. If you know exactly what places you're going to explore, that might spoil some of the fun.

You can expect to visit places like The Green and Bank of America Stadium, on this 2.5-mile quest full of discovery through Charlotte's thriving neighborhood (you can also explore Raleigh or Wilmington).

The well-rounded expedition lasts 90 to 180 minutes and will ignite your senses with wonderful sights, sounds and tastes as you hop from location to location.

You won't have to spend a fortune for this escapade because it's only $50 for a group of four (max).

That's only $12 per person and you can often get it for even cheaper (as low as $20 total) because Groupon posts super steep discounts.

Puzzling Adventures Charlotte

Price: $20-$50

Address: Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: Discover even more fun in the Charlotte area with this immersive Amazing Race-style hunt. 

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